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Why to Handwrite in a Tech World 

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Rediscover the timeless art of handwriting and its profound impact on self-expression, mindfulness, and cognitive development. Explore the benefits of slowing down, boosting creativity, and enhancing brain function through the practice of writing by hand. Reconnect with the joy of pen and paper, and embrace the unique voice your handwriting carries.

Debunking 6 myths about coaching

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Uncover the truth about leadership coaching and dispel common myths. Learn why coaching isn’t just for the struggling, the 1-on-1 format isn’t always superior, and how it differs from therapy. Explore the transformative power of coaching and how it can unleash your potential.

Leading with Clarity and Purpose at Work AND at Home

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Say hello to the superhero cape that saves your team (and family) from chaos! Learn how clear agreements can prevent miscommunication and conflicts, boost efficiency, and enhance trust in both personal and professional life.

Avoiding Death By Meetings


Reclaim your calendar and productivity by trimming the fat, challenging meeting myths, and renegotiating to make meetings work for you. Say goodbye to endless back-to-back meetings and hello to a more energized, creative you.

Break free from the trappings of identity with the Enneagram


Unlock the transformative potential of detaching from your identity and embracing the Enneagram, a profound personality typing system. By delving into the nine archetypal points of the Enneagram, you can gain deep insights into your dominant personality type, its motivations, fears, and the way it shapes your thoughts, emotions, and actions.

How Your Enneagram Type Influences Your Burnout

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Explore how each Enneagram type tends to burn out and learn valuable insights to prevent burnout. Understand the tendencies of your Enneagram type and take proactive steps like setting boundaries, practicing self-care, seeking support, and developing healthier coping mechanisms. Unlock the power of the Enneagram to cultivate self-awareness, healthier relationships, and overall well-being as you navigate life’s journey alongside every type.