Fact vs. Story – The Most Fundamental Concept in Conscious Leadership

Are you a Storyteller? Fact vs. Story Do you realize how often you tell stories?   You are an experienced storyteller and might not even know it.  Even if you’re not the type of person who can tell an enthralling tale over dinner and drinks, you tell notable stories to yourself all the time.   Stories aren’t […]

The Change Formula – Why Self-Help Books Aren’t Working for You

My Most Fundamental Coaching Tool You really want to change ________(fill in the blank).  It is on your mind all the time. You have a strong desire for it and keep thinking to yourself…I will start tomorrow, I will start next week, or I will do this and that to make it happen. But it […]

Leadership, Reactivity, and Drifting from Consciousness

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Why do you show up for work each day? What motivates you to complete your tasks? Is it because you have to…because it’s your job…. because someone told you to? “Don’t be told. Be empowered.” Empowerment starts when you begin to acknowledge what caused you to be “tasked,” understanding how you are choosing to show […]

How to Challenge Others to Grow

Help your team grow by challenging yourself and others in an enlightened way bringing out the best in everyone. Encouraging accountability and stepping into each person’s creativity and opportunities for growth.

Why Great Leaders Coach

Welcome challenges – stop fixing and create long-term growth. Coaching others empowers them to change, grow, get creative and solve problems.

Skills for Creating Anything You Want

Are you a leader who sometimes finds yourself stuck or overwhelmed? Like you really can’t make a difference on the things that matter most to you? In this episode, we honor the leader in each of us. You discover your own creative power, your own ability to influence and even control things that you did […]