My Great Change Hangover

Hooray! I am writing to you from my new office, in our new house, which is right in my beloved hometown.

This crazy year of moving constantly is done!

And wow, the clarity this settling down has given me. One of the results is a gloriously re-defined season of my podcast Allowed, which is about to go live! YES!!

How to Create Lasting Change in the New Year

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It’s time to look forward…  Vision is the key to being the creator of your own reality. As we turn the page on 2021, I invite you to build a foundation for making a massive change that’s in service of your most authentic self. Imagine that you are at the end of 2022. Visualize the […]

How Conscious Leaders View Challenges

Challenges provide an incredible opportunity to reevaluate our priorities and face many truths we did not have the will or opportunity to face before. Living a life of conscious presence means that you acknowledge all aspects of your life as serving a purpose for your benefit and growth.

The Most Important Thing to Do this Valentine’s Day

Self-love is at the heart of everything we talk about on this show, and it is at the heart of all genuine, lasting personal growth. It is inner work. At the most basic level, self-love is simply asking the questions, “Can I allow myself?” and, “Can I allow myself to be fully here now?”

Improve Your Work and Life by Creating Clear Agreements

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Clear agreements are on the highest leverage management tools. They help propel you and your team into action and move things forward. End the friction of confusion and complication by fine-tuning how you make your agreements.

Who Do You Want to Be in the New Year?

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Are you starting a new year’s resolution process or setting goals for your team, your company, or your family?  There is nothing you are not allowed to want.  You are allowed to want what you want.   “I should…”, “I have to…” and “I need to…” are not necessary.  I invite you to build a foundation […]

Finding Gratitude in Challenges

This week is Thanksgiving in the United States and it’s one of my favorite holidays, although this year is going to look pretty different for almost all of us. This is also normally the week where we would talk a lot about gratitude and why it’s important. One of the things that I often see […]

You are Not a Fraud – How to Overcome the Imposter Syndrome

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Imposter Syndrome is when you feel like a fraud and you don’t deserve the position you have. It is one of the most commonly experienced things I come across in coaching work. By questioning your stories and using creative curiosity you can shift out of this mindset.