What if I told you that you could speak about anything you want in a way that no one can argue with? If that were possible for you, what would that unlock?


Could you perhaps resolve some relationship tensions and issues bothering you? 


Could you ask for a different role at work, a promotion, or a raise? 


Could you renegotiate agreements with your family or your partner that would help both of you to get more of what you want? 


In my podcast episode, The Best Communication Ninja Skill - Speaking Unarguably,  I teach you one of my favorite skills directly relevant to this body of work we call conscious leadership. This super ninja communication tool is both the simplest skill in the world and one of the most challenging to stick with. 


Speaking unarguably is a useful way to become self-aware of when you might be dipping into drama, a path to get out of drama and a technique to stop spreading drama in your relationships and life.