Drama Triangle Resources

Podcast Episodes:

One of the fundamental concepts of Conscious Leadership. Start here to get started learning about being Below the Line and on the Drama Triangle.

Episode 6

How to Spot Drama a Mile Away

Episode 12

How to get life to operate for you – Victim

Episode 13

Don’t “Should” on yourself – Villain

Episode 14

You’re working harder than you have to: Hero

Drama Triangle Resources:

These resources can help you as begin to become aware of when you are below the line and starting to question your stories.
● Drama triangle cards
● Willingness Questions: Are you willing to shift?

Empowerment Triange – above the line

Podcast Episodes:

Listen here to learn more about being Above the Line.

Episode 7

How to Shift Out of Drama and Into Power

Episode 18

Skills for Creating Anything you Want

Episode 19

Coaching Yourself and Others

Episode 37

How to End Drama – 10 Steps to Shifting

Episode 23

How to Challenge Others to Grow

Empowerment Resources:

Empowerment triangle cards with detailed information on being a Coach, Challenger and Creator

Conscious Leadership

Podcast Episodes:

Episodes on additional concepts of Conscious Leadership for you to deepen your practice of Conscious Leadership.

Episode 1

The Secret to Transforming Your Life

Episode 17

Conscious Leadership at Home with Diana Chapman

Episode 28

Transforming Your Business Through Conscious Leadership with Diana Chapman

Episode 29

How to Survive the Startup Roller Coaster as an Entrepreneur, Founder and CEO with Terry Lee

Episode 30

Leadership, Reactivity and Drifting from Consciousness

Episode 36

Getting Back into Integrity with Clear Agreements – Why I Almost Gave Up on My Business

Episode 38

The Change Formula – Why Self Help Books Aren’t Working for You

Episode 39

Whole Body Yes – How to Create Clear Agreements That You Can Actually Keep

Episode 46

Fact vs. Story – The Most Fundamental Concept in Conscious Leadership

Episode 49

The Biggest Mistake Conscious Leaders Make

Episode 50

You Don’t Have Split Personalities – How to Begin Persona Work

Recommended Books:

Here are two books I often recommend related to Conscious Leadership:

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