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Caneel has created an exclusive, 6-week, online course designed to guide you through the process of discovering and flowing in your Zone of Genius. 

Your 'Zone of Genius' is completely unique to who you are and it might be the most important thing you learn about yourself in your entire life. Your Zone of Genius is the space where you nurture and enjoy your deepest, most organic talents and traits: your soul’s essence. It is here that you use your natural strengths to catapult you into a life with more opportunities for success.

In this program, we will work to become crystal clear at identifying your Zone of Genius.  You will learn to recognize which zone of being you are in and move into your Zone of Genius when you are out of it. The program will include the realization of patterns in your life, opportunities for reflection, and valuable feedback; all helping to master your creative and natural abilities and learn how to spend the majority of your time in organic bliss, creating a high-leverage impact.

You will gain clarity on what it’s like to live in your genius and identify the results you achieve in each zone of being.  Finally, we will work on visioning and life design so you can experience the flow of living in your genius most of the time. 

If you are interested in learning more about this special online-only offering, get on the list today!

Before the list is closed, please consider who else might really love to be a part of this course. This is for highly intelligent people who are willing to go deep. There are no restrictions by title, funding level, or industry. If you’re on the fence, feel free to reach out for more information.