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How and Why to Embrace Chaos in the COVID-19 Era with Christine Owenell

Season 1, Episode 21

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caneel executive coach

I'm a social scientist who helps people break out of the invisible traps and make whole-life changes easily and naturally.

It’s 10 am. I haven’t showered in I don’t know when, deliverables are due, my team waits for me to text back… I have tried and failed to order groceries, made breakfast, done dishes, partially homeschooled the kids, attempted to check email (until I was interrupted), took a client call from the bathroom (the only quiet place) and washed muddy puppy paw prints off the floor.  Sound familiar? 

Self-forgiveness. Total chaos. 

My new 2020 routine is skip my shower, meditate when I can, or just focus on breathing through my bandana while disinfecting my groceries.

It’s all good. This change is allowed. 

And it’s allowed to feel challenging. 

It certainly has to me. 

I allow it. I breathe, I freak out, I show up and support myself and my family and my clients, and I do my best to relish and enjoy each moment… praying for those who need it.

Are the challenges you are currently facing beginning to open up new creative opportunities for you? Get curious… 

Personally, I scrapped most of my plans. My podcast Allowed got totally reworked to be super timely. The result is raw and real. Three conversations hiding nothing (plus, videos of each conversation being recorded). 

Consider listening and sharing. 

Take some time to reconnect. Feel un-judged. 

Remember your own amazingness and see the leadership in your daily life again.

We are doing just fine the way we are.  We are in this together.  

Stay healthy. Here’s to creative chaos.



0:32 – How we can step up as leaders all the time and especially during the COVD-19 crisis.

3:32 – Meet Christine Owenell.

5:18 – Exercise: 2-minute check-in

9:44 – The Alchemy of Chaos is creation and transformation during a chaotic time by using the pressure that is surrounding a situation to your advantage like taking coal and turning it into diamonds.

12:08 – Finding the shadow part of yourself is important because its the part we reject or disown and embracing those dark parts of yourself help you see the strengths in what you might have previously thought were weaknesses.

14:04 – How do we hold both reality and opportunity without being insensitive or out of touch? How do we create space for both concepts to live in one reality where we can access wisdom and develop plans that are of service to both ends of this spectrum?

16:48 – The alchemy of chaos relates to the change formula because one of the key components of sustainable change is having enough discomfort in your situation that pushes you forward to make those changes in order to get out of the discomfort.

18:03 – The role of the conscious leader is three-fold. 1 is to face reality and be with reality. 2 is to hold multiple realities because there are so many true experiences of the same phenomenon happening all at once. 3 is to create reality.

19:54 – How can we alchemizing chaos in your self and your home?

23:22 – Exercise: The importance of naming in self-evaluation without judgment

30:02 – How to alchemize chaos right now as a leader in an organization.

36:44 – Caneel’s daughter asks for a button that triggers feelings of love instead of fear.

39:10 – Caneel’s son has wisdom about zombies and souls.

Each of the episodes of Allowed that we are recording during this time of crisis is here to give you further permission to approach this experience as a leader. To approach it as a learner. To approach it as a lover.

This week we have the beautiful Christine Owenell, an executive coach and partner in Evolution, who I fell in love with the moment I met her. She’s here today to talk to us about the alchemy of chaos, which is something that we’re all getting to experience now.

COVID-19 is really presenting us with a lot of opportunities to learn about leadership and is more of an extreme and accelerated learning situation than we may have had the opportunity to go through before.

Christine Owenell is a partner in Evolution and the founder of the Owenell Global Consultancy.

Christine is an executive coach, a teamwork facilitator, a purpose economist, a cosmic mystic, and a mother. Christine’s work supports positive behavioral change through experimental strategies and elevating self-awareness.

Her clients include Slack, Vanderbilt, Ticketmaster, Radiology Partners, Northwestern Mutual, Commonwealth Bank of Australia, and many, many more. And she also specializes in wealth consciousness and coaches, high net worth individuals. Now, how did she get connected with them?

In her early career, she was in academia as a Clinton Scholar and then began doing research in hostage negotiation and counterintelligence which led her to living on four different continents and becoming the senior vice president of a $1 billion investment firm.

Through all of this, she was tracking a fascination she has with the psychology of the human condition and how elements of our mindset impact our magnetism and our own personal impact.

She explores the liminal space between the imagined and the experienced, and what is required of people to bring their fullest selves and greatest aspirations to fruition.

She believes that one day we will enjoy an economy where leaders everywhere are functioning through lenses of presence, centeredness, compassion, and awareness. As a result, how modern society experiences business and money will catalyze the elevation of human consciousness.

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