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The Secrets that Transform your Life

Season 1, Episode 1

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I'm a social scientist who helps people break out of the invisible traps and make whole-life changes easily and naturally.

How to Create Lasting Change in Your Life & Leadership

This has been the most fun thing I’ve done in years. I started the podcast Allowed: Conscious Leadership and Personal Growth.

I’ve learned how to adhere panels to my walls, all about different types of foam and glue. I now know there are more cables and cords in this world than I ever could have imagined.  Amazon has become my new best friend.

Personal growth is the journey of my life. I have an insatiable desire to learn.  I’m always interested in the process of finding out what part of me is going to shine next.

Sound familiar? Are you always looking for how you can become better?

The essence of my podcast is to help you experience learning and to fully understand how you are the star, writer, director, and producer of your own life.   You are the star of your own story.

I want you to know all of yourself and know it so deeply and love every bit of it.

Allowed is here to help you transform your life. The episodes will be dedicated to secret methods and mindsets to help you open doors you didn’t even know existed.  These secrets allow your growth and change to be easier, faster, and more sustainable.

I’m here to challenge you. To bring forth what I know is possible for you. I want you to have fun as you reclaim your wholeness. I will guide you into your Zone of Genius. I will help you to enjoy what it’s like to be fully alive bringing all of yourself into each and every moment.

Your journey with me starts right now as you learn the secret of the mega-successful.

The Secret of the Mega-Successful

How do the mega-successful become so successful?  The secret is easier than you think.

There are many leaders who work hard to grow and succeed.  And when I say leaders I’m talking about people who lead organizations, lead teams, lead communities, lead at home or lead your own life – no matter your title, your number of connections, what other people call you – you are a leader.

Leaders work hard to succeed and grow by pushing themselves and trying hard only to find they feel burnt out and unfulfilled.

Do you ever feel like there are some weeks where you can’t even remember what happened between Monday and Friday? It was such a rushed routine that it just faded into the distance.  You wake up on Friday and think, “What day is it? How did I get here? Did another week go by already?”

Many leaders are facing authentic crises like marital problems, deep depression, anxiety, full-body burnout, adrenal fatigue, addiction and without trying – create toxic cultures around them.

Most leaders’ first reaction to a problem is to try to find the solution. What can I or someone else do differently, better, harder, faster?

You look for ways to improve yourself, improve others or learn something to fix it. You want steps to make the problem go away.  You get super busy fixing the problem.

In reality, you are so busy fixing the problem you become overwhelmed with work.  The process isn’t sustainable and often what you are trying to become isn’t what you really want.

Secret: without willingness, there is no change. 

There is a completely different way to support your own growth and change.  If you feel unfulfilled, burnt out, or stuck and are wondering why you haven’t changed yet –  the answer is you are not willing to change.

You can put in all the effort you want but without willingness there is resistance and all your effort will leave you feeling busy, not present, self-critical, overwhelmed, burnt out and stuck.

When you are genuinely willing to do something then you are probably already doing it – you are motivated.

Tapping into your willingness is a huge leverage point for you to identify what you really want in life.  It’s also the very beginning of identifying your unique Zone of Genius.

You can create willingness to change by using the change formula, the one way to truly create sustainable lasting change and solutions to problems.

The change formula states in order to create successful sustainable change, you need to have a vision multiplied by discomfort and add in support.

You start by creating a vision of what you want to change.  This vision has to be clear, specific and so compelling that it lights your body on fire.  You are filled with creative energy – you are turned on by it – it motivates you.

If your vision isn’t filling you with energy and excitement then you will not change.

Next, you need discomfort.  We prefer to be comfortable – it feels safe.

If you are able to create discomfort, make yourself really uncomfortable,  then you will be willing to do what is needed to remove the discomfort.  You will be motivated to change.

Coaches help you to become more uncomfortable by challenging you to see things you don’t want to see.  Find creative ways to substantially increase your discomfort surrounding your issue.

You now have a motivating vision and are super uncomfortable – this is a mighty force to help you become willing to change.

The final piece to being willing to change is gathering support.  Support can come in any form but the most useful form of support is from other people.

Your ability to successfully create the change you want is greatly increased when you include someone else in your process.   With support, you become more self-aware, safer, calmer, and less stressed while going through the process.

By using the change formula you will create a willingness to change and gain the results you want and have been working so hard for without success.

The biggest secret the mega-successful and mega fulfilled know is how to change and grow.  They know how to change in ways that are powerful, easy, and sustainable.

The change formula is one of the tools leaders use to create this change.  For an in-depth look at the change formula click here.



About this episode:

This episode focuses on how you can become a better leader of your own life.  These are secrets to transforming your life.

First, I share secret methods and mindsets to allow your growth and change to be easier, faster, and more sustainable.

Next, I guide you to look at the secret parts of you that you may still be hiding. Secret talents, strengths, and qualities that describe you and only you. These are gifts that you bring to the world. And these secrets, when unearthed, are what allow you to be more whole.

This episode includes free worksheets to help get you started on the path of transforming which will lead to the most sustainable change and lasting impact.

4:39 – Get to know me, why I started Allowed and my mission.

10:57  – Find out what this podcast is going to offer you. This podcast is going to help you reclaim your wholeness and guide you in stepping into your Zone of Genius. It’s going to help you enjoy what it’s like to be fully alive, living in your soul’s true essence and bringing all of yourself into each and every moment.

16:22 – One of the biggest secrets of the mega-successful is they know how to grow in a way that is much more powerful, easier, and leads to sustainable change. 

22:03 – Secret number two is the Change Formula. The Change Formula is “vision x discomfort + support = willing to change”.

30:38 – Time for a hands-on exercise. It’s not just about the doing, it’s about the being; this “Be Do Have” process is the key to sustainable change. This exercise is designed that you can do it anywhere. Please do it in a way that you’re giving yourself a little bit of space to dream. 

46:05 – Overview: We’re here to invite both vision and discomfort and to have the support of this time on your calendar as well as have a community of your peers. We’re going to work the Change Formula hard. We’re going to boost up the vision. We’re going to amp up the discomfort. And we’re going to support each other through it so that we can become willing to change at the “Be-Level”.

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