#1: The Secrets that Transform your Life

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Tools & Resources From This Episode

With these exercises, you will begin to move forward on the path of claiming the places in your life where you want to transform, as well as the places where you are most willing, which will lead to the most sustainable change and lasting impact. 

  • Get the Change Formula Exercise (Free Download) - Navigate The Change Formula with this exercise. Whether you mean to or not, you sometimes find that you resist change. This is a continuous struggle until you are willing. This worksheet will help you to work "The Change Formula” to overcome this resistance and create the change you want.
  • Get the Life Leadership Wheel (Free Download) - Get insight and guidance so you can identify the areas of your life where you have an opportunity to step more fully into your own power as a leader. It can be applied to your life as a whole or to one domain of your life (e.g., work, romantic life, health, parenting.)
  • Get the Change Formula Video Guide (Free Download) - Watch this video and be guided through The Change Formula exercise handout with clear instructions and some extra support. Download The Change Formula worksheet above and use this video to walk you through the process. 
  • Get the Change Formula Audio-only Guide (Free Download) - Just want the audio? Listen to the guided exercise wherever you are. Download The Change Formula worksheet above and use this audio as a supplement to help you through the exercise.
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Welcome to Allowed. You've never been one to rest on your laurels. For you, personal growth is the journey of your life. You have an insatiable desire to learn... So do I.


We're interested in that process of finding out what part of ourself is going to shine next. How can we become better? Better leaders of our own lives? Today we're going to talk about the secrets that transform your life.

First, we'll look at the secret methods and the mindsets, the amazing flip that opens a door that you probably didn't even know was there. And this is the secret that allows growth and change to be easier, faster, and more sustainable.


We'll also look at the secret parts of you that you may still have kept in hiding. The secret talents and strengths. The secret qualities that describe you and only you. Those gifts that you are here to bring to the world. And those secrets, when unearthed, are what allow you to be more whole.


Final Note: There are some free downloads, mentioned in the episode, at the top of this page. Both of these worksheets will help get you started on the path of claiming the places in your life where you want to transform, as well as the places where you are most willing, which will lead to the most sustainable change and lasting impact.  

Tune in and learn all about…

  • [04:39] For those of you who don't know me, I can't wait for us to get to know each other. I'll share a little bit about me so that you know who's here on the other end rooting for you.
  • [10:57] I'll tell you a little bit about what this podcast is going to offer you. This podcast is going to help you reclaim your wholeness and it's going to invite you and guide you in stepping into your Zone of Genius. Second, it's going to help you enjoy what it's like to be fully alive, living in your soul's true essence and bringing all of yourself into each and every moment.
  • [16:22] One of the biggest secrets of the mega-successful is that they know how to grow in a way that is much more powerful and also much easier, and that leads to sustainable change. 
  • [22:03] Secret number two; the Change Formula. The Change Formula is "vision x discomfort + support = willing to change". (Get access to the free downloadable worksheets in the Tools and Resources section at the top of the page) 
  • [30:38] Now it's the time in our episode to begin our hands-on exercise. It's not just about the doing, it's about the being; this "Be Do Have" process is the key to sustainable change. This exercise is designed that you can do it anywhere. But please do it in a way that you're giving yourself a little bit of space to dream. 
  • [46:05] Overview: We're here to invite both vision and discomfort and to have the support of this time on your calendar as well as have a community of your peers. We're going to work the Change Formula hard. We're going to boost up the vision. We're going to amp up the discomfort. And we're going to support each other through it so that we can become willing to change at the "Be-Level".
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