#32: You Were Born to Be a Leader - How to Harness Your Organization's Full Potential through Empowerment, Reciprocity, and HR with TrueCar CPO John Foster

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Sometimes it just feels like we can’t live up to our team’s expectations, our company's needs, or even our own goals, all at the same time. Yet, it is up to leaders, HR, and other organizational development roles within companies to manage, maintain, and grow all of these key aspects.


Without personal development of yourself and the individuals on your team, you may be left with unsatisfied and unfulfilled team members who aren’t consistently bringing their best selves to the plate. Without leadership development, you and your team might become stagnant, and unable to grow past a certain level of success. If you're not meeting company growth or economic goals, your organization will not survive in a competitive market. 


So, how do the most successful leaders and HR people approach this overwhelming, high-wire balancing act? How can you, as a leader, manager, or HR person, support the growth of your team members as individuals, as well as maintain consistent growth of your organization?


Brilliant business designer and TrueCar CPO, John Foster, is here to help guide us in this hugely important conversation. You are allowed to commit to your team members’ development. You are allowed to commit to your company goals. And you are allowed to support the growth and success of both.


  • 3:21 - Join the Forward Fearless Online Group Coaching Program. Enroll today before it fills up!


  • 5:39 - Introduction to the topic of empowerment and reciprocity.


  • 7:27 - A little backstory of how Caneel and John are connected.


  • 10:47 - You have to create space for others to grow and for them to fail.


  • 16:24 - What is empowerment? There are people who are afraid and it takes work like this to help them grow.


  • 27:14 - It takes 20-30 iterations or close approximations of new behavior to be able to do a new behavior with fluency. Bringing in support systems and assessment tools to help track the improvements and changes adequately. Stepping stones to change that you can assess and track are vital for sustainable and long term change.


  • 30:22 - How can you allow a person to choose to give them a feeling of empowerment?


  • 32:20 - The role fear has played in John's journey.


  • 37:10 - Productive HR people create sustainable high performance and think about what are all the things that would be necessary to create that performance which include empathizing with humans and creating containers for that to allow creative human output.


  • 39:17 - The role that reciprocity has in HR which separates high performing HR people away from being paternalistic which disempowers the teams within the organization.


  • 41:37 What are ways as a team member that we can better engage with HR that empowers me and the organization?


  • 43:09 - What are the most empowering ways that we can invest in our employees?


  • 45:37 - John gives advice to other leaders about why he enrolled a few employees into Caneel's Forward Fearless program. We are currently enrolling Forward Fearless. Reach out with questions about the program or to set up an introduction call with Caneel.


More About John Foster:


John is a business designer who helps people and organizations perform at their best. Currently Chief People Officer at TrueCar, he has served many of the world’s most innovative companies via internal roles and consulting relationships. He has broad experience designing, building, and managing internal operations for talent-driven companies; including all aspects of HR, talent management, communications, and innovation.

More About Forward Fearless:

The Forward Fearless coaching program is going to fill up, and this window of enrollment is actually the last enrollment that we're going to be having this year, so I really hope, if this is something you've been thinking about and you haven't jumped on it yet, that you don't miss this opportunity.  I'm here for you, and I love getting the chance to interact and grow with each one of you.

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