#34: Leadership is Perception - 360 Reviews and other Feedback Tools to Boost Awareness and Accelerate Growth

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Leadership is perception. There is intrinsic value in finding out how you are perceived and received by people that view you from different perspectives - whether above you, beside you, or below you. A big piece of this is seeing if how you intend to come across is actually how you are coming across, and to learn your blind spots. In this episode, Caneel will guide you through 360 reviews and other forms of leadership feedback and introduce you to a mindset of curiosity as we underscore the importance of listening especially in the environment that we currently are in. Why is feedback such an important process for leaders to go through? What is a 360? Why are they valuable? How do we interpret feedback and incorporate it into positive changes? After this episode, you will have a deeper appreciation and understanding of feedback and its powerful role in growth and leadership, as well as its often underleveraged ability to accelerate a leader’s performance.



  • 4:25 - Independence vs interdependence. Listening is the most important thing leaders can do right now. 


  • 9:12 - Why is feedback such an important process for leaders to go through?


  • 14:56 - A 360-degree review is one of the most popular ways to get feedback as a leader and in a company. What is a 360 review?


  • 33:09 - Variations of feedback and warnings from Caneel – Plus more feedback tools and methods.


  • 40:48 - The difference between 360 reviews and performance management and some problems that come up with 360s.

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The Forward Fearless coaching program is going to fill up, and this window of enrollment is actually the last enrollment that we're going to be having this year, so I really hope, if this is something you've been thinking about and you haven't jumped on it yet, that you don't miss this opportunity.  I'm here for you, and I love getting the chance to interact and grow with each one of you.

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