#49: The Biggest Mistake Conscious Leaders Make

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In this episode, we address a common misconception about being a Conscious Leader that we all may be contributing to in some way without knowing it.

Have you heard someone say, "I was trying not to hero"? Have you ever said, "I try so hard to be present”? Do you "try so hard to stay above the line”? Are you often, “pushing yourself to not be in victim mode"? 

What do all of those statements have in common? One thing is they're referencing some way of being in drama or being below the line. The second thing in all of those statements are about the effort. It's all effortful. We have to push. We have to strain. It's not just that there's effort, but there's effort with some attachment to try and control an outcome. 

The common misperception of this work of Conscious Leadership is that there is a right or wrong place to be. It's okay to be above the line, and it's okay to be below the line. Neither one of them is good or bad, right or wrong. Neither one of them is better or worse. They're just different locations where you're going to have different experiences.

When we are above the line, we’re going to be in a state of presence, ease and flow. We have access to a type of learning that is transformational in nature. Below the line, we’re focused on being right. Above the line, we’re in a state of trust. Below the line, we’re in a state of threat. Suffering is found below the line, but suffering is not bad – it is human. If you find yourself struggling to be conscious, this episode will help you move into a place of true acceptance of yourself and others, no matter where you find yourself at the moment.

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