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is here to debunk all the lies you have been told. It's not true that you don't have enough time to grow in profound ways. It's not true that you don't have enough money for a high-level coaching experience. It's not true that you don't deserve the same support as the CEO of a Fortune 500 company. You can join this podcast for world-class coaching. Be treated with respect and have access to the resources that you deserve. What matters most is your commitment and your passion.  

If you are here, I know you are a leader. Whether you're leading your startup, your social calendar, or your family, you recognize that you, and only you, are the designer of your life experience. You are the only one who can create the life you want. Leadership has nothing to do with hierarchy. Leadership has nothing to do with your title, your age, your experience, or your "IQ". You are here because some part of you knows that if anyone is going to be in charge of the next chapter, it's going to be you. As a leader of your own life, you are allowed to succeed and you are allowed to enjoy it. You do not have to suffer to succeed.

I have coached hundreds of executives, CEOs, founders, entrepreneurs, and creative visionaries.


I get to witness and support the transformation of organizations, and the leaders who run them. This is not just a change in a way of doing business - it’s a spiritual adventure and a deep healing, where you, as a whole human being without any self-judgment, fully emerge into your own unique Zone of Genius. I am right alongside you on this journey, asking questions and holding space for both of us to find the answers within.

I invite you into a partnership, a connection, and a new way of seeing and experiencing life. Join me every week to go deep and connect with the power you have deep within. You are in control of your own journey and this experience can be as interactive as you want. We all face challenges and we are invited by these challenges to grieve, to heal, and to learn. Join me in creating a life where you are in charge.  You areto lead whole.



Meet Dr. Caneel Joyce


Nice to meet you! I’m Caneel and I’m here to help you answer the questions you didn't even know you were allowed to ask. 


I am an executive coach, leadership developer and culture builder, and I've had the pleasure of working with some of the world’s most transformative entrepreneurs and companies, including leaders at Amazon, LinkedIn, Dropbox, Snap, and Slack, plus hundreds of cutting edge startups and founders at every stage of the venture-capital-backed game. 


In my 20 years of experience leading and advising innovative companies in roles spanning growth, marketing, product design, strategy, and people & organizational development, in combination with my Ph.D. in Organizational Behavior from UC Berkeley’s Haas School of Business, I've discovered an undeniable and undervalued connection between social psychology, human systems, and business and change management. Over the last 10 years, coaching has become a best practice for managers and entrepreneurs.


Yet, I've discovered it’s not just business leaders who benefit from connecting with their authentic selves and living in flow. It is my goal to spread the #LeadingWhole movement to a larger audience so that, together, we all can bring high-leverage, impactful change into our lives and into the world. 

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What are the pieces of you that you have put into the basement? The parts of you we cannot see anymore? How can you reclaim the wholeness that is your birthright? Subscribe now to find out.