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#66: The Number One Way to Shift You and Your Team Out of Drama

March 14, 2021

This week, I’m discussing a pernicious problem that you’ll probably be surprised to find out you actually know intimately, and maybe you didn’t even know you were doing it. This is a major issue that comes up in organizations, families, teams, and even within ourselves.

#65: How to Champion a High-Performance Team with Anjani Bhargava, Partner in Evolution

March 8, 2021

This week, executive coach and partner in Evolution, Anjani Bhargava, joins us to take a deeper look at high-performance teamwork through the lens of Conscious Leadership.

#64: My Personal Journey with Body Shame – International Women’s Day

February 24, 2021

I am sitting here 10 pounds heavier than I was at the beginning of COVID. Where I am in my own journey is learning to accept that lovingly. I want to speak to those of you who have also experienced some level of body shame from others or from yourself.

#63: The Best Communication Ninja Skill – Speaking Unarguably

February 18, 2021

What if I told you that you could speak about anything that you want to in a way that nobody can argue with? If that were possible for you, what would that unlock?

#62: How to Use ARCI – A Powerful Tool for Managers, Teams and Leaders

February 12, 2021

Today I’m sharing one of my favorite tools that is useful in all areas of your life, regardless of if you are an executive, a formal people manager, or if you are in a family leadership position. With ARCI in your tool arsenal, you can start having breakthroughs in muddled situations in your work and home right away.

#61: The Most Important Thing to Do this Valentine’s Day

February 7, 2021

Self-love is at the heart of everything we talk about on this show, and it is at the heart of all genuine, lasting personal growth. It is inner work. At the most basic level, self-love is simply asking the questions, “Can I allow myself?” and, “Can I allow myself to be fully here now?”

#60: Conscious Leadership and Work-Life Coordination with CEO of Alamo Drafthouse, Shelli Taylor

February 1, 2021

You’ve learned all the basics of Conscious Leadership right? You’ve gone to the community meetings. You’ve listened to all the podcasts… So… What’s next? Today we speak with CEO of Alamo Drafthouse Cinema, Shelli Taylor who has been putting lessons she’s learned from this podcast to practice in her real life, her career, and her relationships. She is here to inspire you to put your conscious leadership training into action.

#59: Improve Your Work and Life by Creating Clear Agreements

January 24, 2021

#59: Improve Your Work and Life by Creating Clear Agreements HIGHLIGHTS FROM THIS EPISODE If you are a leader, a manager of people, if you drive projects forward of any kind or you are in coordination with anybody at all, including in your own home about how to get something done, this episode is a…

#58: What is Integrity?

January 18, 2021

#58: What is Integrity? HIGHLIGHTS FROM THIS EPISODE So often, in life, you ask yourself questions like, “Is this the right path for me?” We think of it as an answer that’s somewhere ‘out there’. But the next step is always the one that’s right in front of you. You can get an inherent sense…

#57: The Feminist Identity with Mary Bloom of Snap Inc. and Anna Bloom of Airbnb Plus

December 30, 2020

#57: The Feminist Identity with Mary Bloom of Snap Inc. and Anna Bloom of Airbnb Plus HIGHLIGHTS FROM THIS EPISODE You used to think that gender was a simple thing. For some of you, you simply were born into one, and for others, you have questioned, identified and discovered for yourself. Whatever your gender is,…