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Today I kick off my mini-series Presents for Presence. Each day for 12 days you can listen to a mini-episode to learn one powerful way to re-ground yourself and remain in presence.

These 12 simple tips are ways you can regain presence anywhere in any situation. Learning to practice presence will give you more conscious awareness, ease and flow in your life and leadership. Today’s daily tip is speaking unarguably. Listen today to learn how this method of communication can help you to practice presence daily in conversation.

Today we are giving away The 15 Commitments of Conscious Leadership: A New Paradigm for Sustainable Success by Jim Dethmer and Diana Chapman of the Conscious Leadership Group and Kaley Klemp, as well as the Shift Deck which is produced by The Conscious Leadership Group. The Shift Deck is a great tool for work and home designed to help you shift out of drama and into empowerment.

If you notice yourself getting caught in the drama triangle, a great way to lessen your reactivity is to use the Shift Deck. I have personally worked with the Conscious Leadership group as well as these 15 commitments, and it has literally changed my life and the way I lead.

Diana is an amazing coach and advisor to exceptional leaders and has worked with over 1000 organizational leaders and many of their teams. She is a founding partner at Conscious Leadership Group and my leadership coach. She has created and implemented professional onboarding and ongoing programs with clients such as Asana and Esalen.

In addition to facilitating CLG Forums for founders, venture capitalists, and CEOs, Diana facilitates YPO Forums and Chapters worldwide. She also trains coaches in conscious leadership in the CLG training program she and Jim created.

Diana has also been a guest on the Allowed podcast. Listen back to our insightful discussion on how to bring Conscious leadership into your work and personal life in episodes #17 and #28.

You can purchase the 15 commitments of Conscious Leadership, the Shift Deck, and learn more about the Conscious Leadership Group at I highly recommend it for yourself or for any leader you know.

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