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Our Presents for Presence mini-series is a special gift for you in this 2021 Holiday season.

Each day You are learning a new way to ground yourself back into presence and these tips will also help you remain in presence.

Throughout this 12 day series you will be receiving gift ideas that hopefully will be a helpful guide for what to get that Conscious Leader in your life.

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Presence is the difference between approaching a situation or your life as what is happening to me, vs by me.

When you are in presence your mind is not cluttered by the past or the future or any of the “shoulds” or “have tos” that swarm around in your brains and attack your sense of peace.

Presence is all about your own control over your mindset and your own awareness of the current moment.

It is natural to drift out of presence. It is so human.

But being in presence is a key to staying above the line and is it 100% possible to train your brain to be in a more consistent state of presence.

Once you master this skill, you will find a sense of ease and flow in your every day life, your work and in all situations.

Today I am covering one of the most reliable ways to quickly get back into presence, which is to Practice Conscious Listening.

Don’t forget to listen to all 12 sessions in this mini-series to learn even more about presence and its benefits.

I’m also excited to talk about today’s gift giveaway.

Jesse Pickard, founder, and CEO of Elevate Labs, is a former client of mine who is on a mission to improve people’s minds. Elevate Labs is a fully distributed company of voracious learners and passionate doers, driven by Jesse’s vision to help billions of people lead healthy, joyful, and productive lives.

Since 2014, they’ve helped over 50 million people improve their communication and math skills with Elevate, which won Apple’s App of Year award. With Balance, they’ve created an innovative, personalized meditation experience that helps people improve their stress, sleep, and more.

Today we are giving away a full lifetime subscription to the Elevate app and the Balance app.

The Elevate app is such a game-changer for those looking to re-train their minds and enhance their learning. Elevate is a personalized brain training app with 40+ games that are designed to boost productivity, earning power, and self-confidence in skills like math, reading, writing, speaking, and recall.



Elevate games are designed in collaboration with experts and backed by independent analysis. The Elevate app is a great gift option for leaders looking for something to help their team. You can purchase the app in the app store, or by going to

The Balance app brings you personalized meditation by assembling meditations personalized just for you. Learn more and download the app from the app store or at

In honor of mental health awareness, the Balance app is offering 1 full year free when you download the app right now. That is such a beautiful thing and shows Jesse’s heart for his community and fellow humans.

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