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Welcome to day 4 of the mini-series, 12 Days of Christmas: Presents for Presence! Each day for 12 days listen to learn powerful yet simple ways you can regain presence.

How often do you find yourself losing focus during the day?

Slipping out of presence is something we all do. You can learn to regain and remain in presence by practicing.

One way to regain your presence is by meditating consciously. Listen today to learn how this practice will bring you back to presence in those moments where you drift.


Anna Gudmundson, CEO at BioSelf Technology, is a senior technology business leader with 15+ years of experience in health-tech, SaaS, data, and consumer technology.

Anna’s life work revolves around personal and human improvement, user behavior, and psychology, with a focus on transformational technology that does good in the world while having strong commercial viability.

This was a key reason behind her joining BioSelf Technology, where she focuses on solving the mental health and stress crisis, using innovative technology that empowers people to take charge of their mental health.

BioSelf is the innovator of the powerful, stress-reducing system, Sensate, which uses a unique Patent Pending process to calm the fight-flight-freeze response and improve Heart Rate Variability in an enjoyable and engaging way.

Sensate’s mission is to bring well-being to people from all walks of life. Based on decades of experience working with stress and trauma-related conditions, this vagus nerve toning system helps people to improve a wide range of conditions including anxiety, insomnia, and stress resilience.

You can purchase it for $25 off each Sensate using the promo code ALLOWED at

Today we are giving away the Sensate 2 system.

The Sensate device emits infrasonic waves that are synchronized and in harmony with the specially composed hemispheric audio in the app. The specially composed sessions vary in length from 10 to 30 minutes, so you can take as little or as much time as you need.

I personally use this product and am so excited to give it to you.

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