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Today is day 5 of the mini-series, 12 Days of Christmas: Presents for Presence!

The most amazing gift you can give those around you and the world is presence.

Presence aligns you with your authentic self and gives you more peace and clarity. When you practice presence you can transform your leadership and life.

Changing your posture is one way to ground yourself in presence. This simple action can easily be done anywhere at any time to bring you back into the moment and into presence.

Today’s special gift idea really fits with drastically changing your posture because we are giving away a 1-year membership to Glo – yoga.

Glo offers over 4000 online yoga, meditation, Pilates, & fitness classes designed to help you feel better in body and mind.

The co-founder and CEO of Glo is one of my past clients, Derik Mills. Derik was a member of my year-long in-person leadership development program.

Derik is truly an inspiration. He created Glo with a vision of a world that comes together to heal.

He is on a mission to connect people through self-care so that, together, we can heal ourselves and our planet. Isn’t that beautiful?

You can also hear Derik on ‘The Glo Podcast’, a podcast full of inspiring interviews with health and wellness experts from around the world who share how they’re discovering their best selves, and who offer solutions for managing burnout, getting more sleep, dealing with anxiety, becoming a better listener and more.

Glo is a curated virtual experience where expertise meets encouragement. Their world-class teachers provide the perfect mix of knowledge and support to help you progress in mind, body, and heart.



You can purchase Glo memberships for yourself or others at New members can buy an annual subscription for only $135 until Dec 31st by going to and using the promo code AllowedxGlo.

Many people rely on Glo to help navigate challenging life experiences and to bolster their mental and physical health in a much more accessible way.

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