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Thank you so much for joining me on Day 8 of Presents for Presence 2021.

During these 12 sessions, You are learning truly inspired ways to re-ground yourself in presence, which is a key to being a Conscious Leader.

If you’ve ever lacked joy in your day, or felt the struggle to remain on task and motivated, this lesson is for you.


When you are in presence you are truly in a state of gratitude because you are able to see clearly everything in the moment and appreciate what it is there for and what it has to teach you.

In presence you learn so much about yourself, about others, and about the world around you and joy bubbles up because it is not being bombarded by all the “shoulds” and “woulds”.

The peace that presence provides is life-changing and allows gratitude to overwhelm you in every part of your being.

Today I’m talking about the power of appreciating something that brings you back into a state of presence. You already learned about appreciating someone, but there is a nuanced and important difference in the act of appreciating SOMETHING.

You have no doubt heard about Intelligent Change and the Five Minute Journal because it is one of my favorite things and I talk about it all the time.

We also had co-founder and creator, Alex Ikonn, on the Allowed podcast. You can listen to our discussion all about the power of gratitude in episode #44.

Alex is a self-made entrepreneur whose mission is to help you create your dream life by sharing his experience and knowledge.

The Five Minute Journal has sold over 400,000 copies worldwide and is making thousands of people happier every day by teaching them a simple way to use gratitude to transform their mindsets and change their lives.

With over 1 million products sold, Alex’s company, Intelligent Change, is on a mission to teach you that you can achieve more with less. They create products that are the simplest, most effective tools to help you realize your potential, and all of them are printed on sustainably sourced paper.



Today’s special gift idea comes from Alex Ikonn and Intelligent Change. It is a Trio bundle that includes The 5-minute Journal, The 5-minute Journal for kids, and the Productivity Planner.

Whether you are using The Five Minute Journal to bring gratitude into your life or the Productivity Planner to help you build the business you’ve always dreamed of, their products help you seamlessly create positive habits without investing years in experimenting and research to achieve the same results.

You can purchase any of these amazing products for you or someone you know to help make behavior change simple, beautiful, and accessible at

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