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During this Presents for Presence mini-series we are appreciating the 2021 holiday season by learning how to re-ground in presence.

Each day of these 12 days, I am sharing simple, yet extremely effective, ways to re-ground yourself in presence.

Welcome to day 9!

Presence isn’t a magic bullet that removes all obstacles and does the work for you.

However, presence IS a light at the end of the tunnel, that pulls you forward, strengthens your inner self, and gives you a clarity and ease to approach all situations and challenges from above the line.

Presence isn’t a place to unwind, it is a mindset in which you are allowed to exist exactly as you are.

The simple act of regrounding in presence completely transforms your world from the inside out.

In this 12 day mini series you are learning different, super easy ways to ground yourself back in presence to gain the full benefits of this wonderful and life-giving mindset.

Today’s method is so so so fun. It’s really one of my favorite things to do because it completely accepts what is here and now in your mind and body and allows you to experience it fully instead of rejecting it, which is essentially rejecting a piece of yourself.

This practice I’m talking about is exaggerating your current attitude.

I’m also excited to talk about today’s gift because it is something that I own, something I use, something I love – This is a product that I believe in that supports a cause I believe in.

Plus, the creators of this product are truly on a mission to support the planet by encouraging sustainable living and helping people claim radical responsibility for being aware of their intentional and unintentional impact on the world, on the human race, and on their own bodies.

Founded by Zooey Deschanel and Jacob Pechenik, The Farm Project aims to reconnect people with food and expand access to sustainable living products while spreading awareness, reminding people to think about their food. This means being informed, and knowing what goes into it and how it’s produced.

The focus of all of their products and initiatives is on bridging the gap between knowing that our food system is not working for us or the earth and actually feeling empowered to do something about it.

Zooey and Jacob created Lettuce Grow to provide consumers with a system that allows everyone to grow 20% of their own fresh food at home with no pesticides and 95% less water than traditional agriculture.

Lettuce Grow supports a culture of sustainability, education and responsibility. Their Farmstands are beautiful and easy to use vertical gardens that work great for both indoors and outdoors and come in several different sizes; a 12 plant unit works great for hobbyists, or you could even get a Farmstand that holds up to 36 plants!

Trust me, – you will want to go to their website and look around because you will find so many great gift ideas at

Today, we are giving away a Build Your Own Bundle 12-Plant Farmstand. – With Farmstand there are a lot of personalization options. You can choose from a seasonal selection of non-GMO veggies, fruits, and herbs to create your own curated bundle of seedlings.



I love this quote from their website, “When we ask the right questions, we can make informed choices and vote with our dollars for a better food system.” I truly believe in this statement. With every decision that we make we have the opportunity to be a Conscious Leader.

If you believe this too, now is a great time to exaggerate our current attitudes and start to make conscious decisions that support and nourish our families and our bodies.

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