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Enrollment is currently open!

The Conscious Power Leadership Forum, is an intimate, application-only intensive where you will work with other accomplished leaders like yourself. Together, we'll share advice, stories of challenge and success, and receive honest feedback on ideas and strategies. The leaders who make up this highly-curated group challenge each other in a uniquely safe, supportive, and confidential container.


Interested in joining the exclusive group of CEOs, founders, and leaders in my Conscious Power Leadership Forum 2019-20? For a limited time, applications are now open.

Caneel works with a select few highly accomplished men and women each year who have a relentless drive for excellence. These are leaders who have achieved broad success in their lives and businesses, and whose companies are now calling them to have greater impact and find a new form of authenticity leadership that can scale.


About the Forum

We are forming the 2019-2020 group of extremely high-caliber, fun and inspiring leaders for the Conscious Power Leadership Forum, a year-long group coaching program that begins in November. Our focus is on transformation, conscious leadership and owning your authentic power. This is a deeply transformational in-person experience, at a fraction of the cost of my one on one coaching.
Over the course of one year, you will be inspired by seeing your peers overcome great challenges and transform their ways of being - and you will be amazed as you watch your own life change in meaningful and surprising ways.
The effects of this practice are absolutely transformational and will impact all areas of your life, your company, your family, your personal and spiritual life, and even your body.

More Details

Format: We will meet for one half-day per month at my office in Los Angeles, plus a two-day offsite retreat. Between sessions, you will participate in a Slack group with me and the other members, do practices and homework exercises, and meet with your learning partner.
Content: Your Forum will be a place for you to practice conscious leadership with a group of like-minded leaders more aligned with your deepest commitments and desires and to challenge you to lead with your authentic power. The intention is to support each member to become more self-aware and live your life's purpose in a way that is deeply supportive, eye-opening, and transformational. Rather than giving advice on tactics, my focus is on YOU and your context. We will cover a lot of ground together, much of which is informed by the book The 15 Commitments of Conscious Leadership. Each session will combine trainings by me, guided meditations, one-on-one coaching and feedback, personal updates, live practice of skills and application of the frameworks.
Who it’s for:  Space is limited to 14 members.  Members are high-caliber, high-character, and highly inspiring.  As a prerequisite, each member has already demonstrated a commitment to personal work and to living a conscious and meaningful life.
Cost: The cost for the one-year program is a fraction of the cost of my individual executive coaching. You will get to go just as deep as you would in one-on-one coaching with me, but with the added level of challenge and accountability that comes from doing this work with a hand-picked group of exceptionally inspiring leaders.
Is this for you? Trust your own curiosity on this one. You will be dared to go deep into growing in ways that you have previously found difficult or even impossible - you will be challenging each other, un-hooking any bits of resistance that you have to being the fullest, most alive version of yourself, and practicing the powerful ways of being a conscious leader. It will be pleasurable and remarkably easy some of the time, and at others, uncomfortable. You will ALWAYS be loved and supported.


The 2019-2020 Conscious Power Leadership Group is being formed now; apply today before the enrollment period is up!

Before the list is closed, please consider who else might really love to be a part of this unique opportunity. This is for highly intelligent leaders who are willing to go deep. While most members are founders and CEOs, there are no restrictions by title, funding level, or industry. If you’re on the fence feel free to reach out for more information.