Coaching for Founders, CEOs & Executives

Caneel works with a select few highly accomplished men and women each year who have a relentless drive for excellence. These are leaders who have achieved broad success in their lives and businesses, and whose companies are now calling them to have greater impact and find a new form of authenticity leadership that can scale.


"Caneel has helped me become a leader of leaders. I was overwhelmed overseeing a company that scaled as quickly as ZappRx. I was a young founder and first time C.E.O. managing a seasoned, older Executive team. It was mission critical for me to grow at an exponential rate."

— Zoe Barry, CEO, ZappRx


Executive Coaching

Caneel understands that leadership challenges can shake us to the core of who we are. Becoming the leader you’re meant to be means more than just having a better business strategy. It means making a profound change in your life and how you live it - your way of being.

Executive coaching isn’t just about your business, it’s about you. When you’ve reached a high level of success and realized that no strategy or business idea can take you any further, you’re poised for real growth.  The next step is the one that can move you from the leader you are today to the one you need to be tomorrow, but it involves facing the single biggest obstacle in your life: you.

Caneel helps to explore topics such as:

  • Purpose identification
  • Self awareness and strength finding
  • Shadow work
  • Reactive behaviors
  • Interpersonal relationships
  • Strategic planning and vision setting
  • Resilience and stress management
  • Mindfulness and staying present
  • Self care and wellness
  • Communications, personal story, and brand development

You would commit to this work to get results for yourself, but in the process of becoming a great leader, you’ll also become a great human being.


"Before working with Caneel I felt like life happened to me. Now I feel more at home in myself and confident that I can work through challenges. You should work with Caneel if you appreciate straightforward feedback and are open to working through deeper personal challenges."

— Sam Baker, COO, Wunder Carpool


If you’re still bootstrapping, seed stage, or a leader with an entrepreneurial spirit looking for guidance, you can find resources, community, and cost-effective support over on Kickass Enterprises.

Co-founder Coaching

The #1 reason that startups fail is poor cofounder relationships.

In many ways, starting a company together is like a marriage with children. Over time, the passion that brought you together can begin to tear you apart, and when your most important goals begin to be affected, your energy and inspiration can wither and the organization you’ve built might begin to falter.

Even if you and your co-founder are getting along well, smart leaders put communication strategies in place to help with the strain of growth, and to ensure that what needs to be said can be. The strongest partnerships aren’t the ones without conflict. What matters is knowing how to have conflict in a way that leads to greater creativity, innovation, and trust.


"Investing in my co-founder relationship, facilitated by Caneel, has meant everything. I was having difficulties managing that, on top of growing our business. I feel substantially more equipped to tackle the challenges ahead, and credit saving our cofounder “marriage” to Caneel."

— Tim Ellis, Co-Founder and CEO, Relativity