Do you have items that have been on your to-do list for a very long time? 


What have you not done that you said you would do or intended to do? 


What is the to-do item you continue to ignore and push aside to deal with later? 


Is there a goal you have had for a long time but haven't acted on it?


You are out of integrity. 


Many agreements you make are designed to fall out of integrity right away.  This happens with goals, resolutions and agreements with others and yourself.  


Why does this happen?


Do you say yes to things when you really want to say no?


This happens when the agreement is not clear and is not entered into with integrity and a whole body yes.  (Not sure what a Whole Body Yes is?  Check out: Whole Body Yes - How to Create Clear Agreements you Can Actually Keep)


When your agreements are clear, you set yourself up for a greater chance of staying in integrity and keeping those agreements. 


It will be evident to you and others you are out of integrity when you have clear agreements. 


Once you know you are out of integrity, you can revise or realign your agreement.  


This week on Allowed: Conscious Leadership and Personal Growth, in the episode, Improve Your Work and Life by Creating Clear Agreements, I discuss how to make clear agreements and how this applies to all aspects of your life. 


Watch below to learn this fast and simple process to help enable you to move from intention towards action and results.



If you are a leader, a manager of people, if you drive projects forward of any kind or you are in coordination with anybody at all, including in your own home about how to get something done, this episode is a concept you can instantly put to good use. 


In fact, this is one of the highest leverage management tools there is.  


Clear agreements will propel you into action, so you can allow yourself to stop thinking through all the steps and you can get into the real world and move things forward.