Working Parents during COVID – Leverage Their Value with Dr. Dana Sumpter

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Are you a working parent? Do you manage working parents? During the pandemic, many working parents have been faced with resources being taken away.  It has been a struggle for many families to find balance working with children at home.  Often, parents are a misunderstood group of the workforce.  Collectively, as a society and as […]

A Daily Routine for Growth Mindset & Gratitude That Will Change Your Life with Alex Ikonn, Creator of The Five Minute Journal and The Productivity Planner

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As creative thinkers and entrepreneurs, we create tools and products because we, ourselves, need to work on something. For Canadian entrepreneur superstar, Alex Ikonn, co-founder of Intelligent Change and creator of the best-selling Five Minute Journal and Productivity Planner, gratitude was his Achilles heel. When Alex, who had a challenging childhood and at times had […]

How to Ask Like an Auctioneer with Dia Bondi

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You May Be Leaving Options On the Table – Boost Your Asking Power to Increase Your Possibilities  Are you asking for what you really want or only asking for what you think you can get? You may be leaving possibilities on the table: money, dreams, promotions, and opportunities you didn’t even think were options. Maybe […]

How to Optimize Your Team Remotely – Best-Self Management and Co-Founder Relationships with 15Five CEO, David Hassell, and Chief Culture Officer, Shane Metcalf

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In a time when employee engagement is down, many leaders are re-envisioning the roles inclusivity, purpose, and personal growth play in the workplace. What does best-self management really mean and how might it benefit your organization? What does the future of organizational development and company culture look like in a remote environment? Today, with the […]

Conscious Luck with Gay Hendricks

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Explore how important it is for leaders to have an openness to learning and how 10-second miracle conversations can change leadership. This powerful conversation about conscious leadership reveals how making conscious commitments can help you create the life of your dreams.