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Don’t lose yourself as you take your company to the next level.

You want to focus on your zone of genius—the work you love and are uniquely able to do—but get pulled into things that don’t feel as valuable, like endless meetings, politics and people issues.

Through coaching with Caneel, you can focus on the part of your job you love, get the rest off your plate, and hit key milestones. Through deeply understanding who you are as a leader and human, uncovering patterns and blind spots, and applying strategies and tools tailored to you, we make sure you are operating in the easiest way possible with the biggest outcomes imaginable.

With Caneel, you can get better at…

  • Decision-making
  • Navigating people issues and ending drama
  • Managing your board
  • Wowing investors
  • Bringing on top leadership talent

And you’ll be able to take a three week vacation without things falling apart. Don’t believe me?

I know how the journey plays out.

I’m Caneel Joyce, a CEO Coach. I used to be an operator. And for a while I was a business school professor at Berkeley, Stanford, UCLA, and the London School of Economics. Now, I coach adventurous, visionary CEOs and leaders of high-growth companies to big outcomes. Being a CEO Coach gives me unique insight into what it takes to grow and change when the stakes are really high.

I understand the normal rules don’t apply to you. You know you won’t win if you do what everyone else does. We’re going to find your unique way. My commitment is to you, authentically living, leading and creating. (And kicking ass)

To read more about my background and philosophy, head over to my bio. If you’re ready for adventure…

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Get ahead of problems when the stakes are highest

1. Deep dive

We do a full assessment where I get to know you deeply. We connect the dots and identify core themes that will be the through line for the whole coaching engagement. We establish a vision for where you want to be at the end of six months.

2. Coaching

In coaching sessions, we think through the most important issues and challenges you’re facing now. We make sure that the way you are operating is creating the biggest outcomes imaginable. Coaching with me is creative and challenging.

3. Growth

By the end of our coaching engagement, everything feels easier. The team around you is operating so well, that you’re able to stay focused on the three most important aspects of your job (vision, team and resources), and the day-to-day seems to run without you. All of my clients go on to reach major milestones in funding/growth. And they become noteworthy leaders in their industry.

I dare you to find yourself and be yourself all the time.

You are allowed.

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A podcast for the leader who wants to be fully alive.

Allowed is a podcast, experience and adventure for anyone who sees themselves as a leader. It’s for you, who wants to feel fully alive. For you, who has been voraciously learning, searching for something that will move the needle. For you, who is hungry for actionable tools and game-changing shifts so you can create the life you actually want.

On episodes of Allowed, grounded in my expertise as a CEO coach and [whatever other experience you want to highlight], I challenge you to shift your mindset and reveal patterns that get in your way. I give you an operating framework, a way of seeing the world you’ll never be able to unsee.

Are you willing to be fully alive?

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