What is your Zone of Genius?

What is your Zone of Genius? Everyone has one.

Zone of Genius is one of four zones of being. Discover your Zone of Genius now. 

Determining your Zone of Genius involves self-awareness and reflection. You may not know what your genius is or you may know already.

First an overview of the four Zones of Being and then an exercise to help you discover your Zone of Genius.

The Zone of Incompetence encompasses the duties you do not like doing. These are things it may be hard for you to get yourself to do. You find it hard to do them well. You have to focus to get these things done. They do not give you life or energy, in fact, they drain you of energy and life. You find these things boring, irritating and are likely to make errors.

Zone of Competence

The Zone of Competence includes things you are good and things you are not good at. You don’t really enjoy doing these tasks. You can do them but it isn’t something that provides you energy and you find fulfilling. You aren’t excellent at them but you are fully capable of completing them. You are not adding much value. These are things you would like to not have on your plate but it doesn’t upset you to do them.

Zone of Excellence

The Zone of Excellence are things you are really good at. You worked hard to become good at them. These items require a lot of your effort but you enjoy it. It brings you success. These are not necessarily things that come naturally to you. They can be things that come naturally or you worked hard and long to become successful at these activities. You may experience a lot of success and rewards from activities in your Zone of Excellence but they are draining and still leave you feeling like something is missing. They may lack creativity. You may feel burnt out at times.

Zone of Genius

The Zone of Genius is a place of flow, creativity, energy and fulfillment. These are activities that while doing them you lose your sense of time because you love them so much. You would pay to be able to do this all the time. These activities give you energy, restore you, and fulfill you. They come naturally or are life-giving. You are naturally creating value. It feels easy and it’s not hard for you. You feel very present and are intrinsically motivated.

First Step in Determining your Genius

This first step to determining your Genius would be to look at the activities you do in each zone.

Make a list of all of your responsibilities. This list can include your work duties, your home duties, your volunteer duties etc. Make the list comprehensive. Sometimes our genius involves things we wouldn’t first think of. Try to be as detailed as possible.

You may want to spend a week or two recording everything you do to make sure your list is as exhaustive as possible.

Look at each activity and place them within the Zone you think they fall in. These are things you are DOing and are action items.

If you are unsure about an item then put it in a separate list and put the zones you think it may be in.

Take a couple of weeks to notice how you feel when doing these activities. This is an exercise in self-awareness and reflection.

Do you have the activities in the right zone? Do they give you energy or drain you of energy? Do they feel easy or really hard? Do you enjoy them? Do you feel you are good at them? Do you feel in flow? Would you pay to do this activity? Do they bring value? Do you feel creative?

Once you have determined the activities you do in each zone you will be able to learn how to live in your genius most of the time for a more fulfilling life.

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