Discover Your Zone of Genius

Use this Be, Do, Have exercise to really reflect on what your Zone of Genius is. This exercise accompanies Episodes 4 and 8 of Allowed. Listen to them to be guided through this exercise or watch my Zone of Genius Workshop posted below.

Energy Audit Worksheet:

This worksheet accompanies Episode 8: How to Live in Your Genius. Use this to track activities that drain you of energy and those that give you energy. Noticing these energy shifts can help you to move forward on your path to living in your Genius.

Restorative Zone of Genius

Discover ways to rest, restore and reset after periods of intense effort. Regularly recovering makes leadership sustainable and life-giving. Find your Restorative Zone of Genius.

Zone of Genius Podcast Episodes:

Episode 1

The Secret to Transforming Your Life

Episode 4

How to Succeed Without Suffering

Episode 8

How to Live in Your Zone of Genius

Episode 9

Restore Yourself like a Rockstar

Episode 48

Listen to Your Body and Discover Your Zone of Genius
Looking to Go Deeper and Practice Live?

The Allowed Academy membership includes a special 3-month program to Discover your Zone of Genius. This program includes an interactive process along with reflections and exercises to help you begin to live in your Genius.

For a low monthly fee, you can Discover your Zone of Genius.

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