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Anna Bloom
Anna Bloom
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"On this journey, I learned the ways that I personally create more elaborate and harder ways to get things done to go from point A to point B. Now I am more conscious of this and how it happens. I have greater ease and lightness of being and greater collaboration and co-creation."
Megan Elvrum
Megan Elvrum
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"I am forever changed for the better. I am more self-aware and excited to put everything into practice. These learnings are something everyone can benefit from."
Justin Hills
Justin Hills
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"My confidence has increased, my perspective has shifted, my choices are in creation, I behave consciously, I feel in flow and I allow myself to feel my feelings and communicate my feelings. I have seen a professional shift and have learned to lean into my Zone of Genius."

How Zone of Genius transformed my life

This free, on-demand workshop will catapult you into the exciting and life-changing process of truly owning your Zone of Genius.

In this on-demand session, you will learn:

  • What exactly is Zone of Genius
  • How you can identify your own Zone of Genius
  • The benefits of living in your Zone of Genius

By the end of this virtual workshop, you will begin:

  • Identifying your four Zones of Being – your Zone of Incompetence, Zone of Competence, Zone of Excellence, and Zone of Genius.
  • Moving forward on the path of actually living 70% of your time in your Zone of Genius.
  • Becoming aware of what tasks drain you and give you life.
  • Learning how you can integrate your Zone of Genius into all areas of your life by using the simple ‘Be, Do, Have’ exercise.
  • Understanding what your body is truly telling you about yourself.
  • Pinpointing the areas of your life where you have an opportunity to step more fully into your own unique gifts. 
  • Applying Zone of Genius to your life as a whole or to one domain of your life (e.g., work, romantic life, health, parenting).

I know I’m not alone

I wanted to share my story with you to let you know that if you’re feeling the suffering, and you’re not even sure where it’s coming from – maybe you’re on the right path, maybe you’re not – but if something is really not fitting, it’s going to show up for you somewhere.

For me, it took two years of being in that Ph.D. program for my body to really start fighting back.

This is a pretty common experience if you are pushing yourself too hard. Often the reason you feel like you have to do that is because you’re living outside of what’s called your Zone of Genius.

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Does this describe you?

You know how to step up and work hard, but you may also suffer from one or all of the following issues:

  • You’ve always suspected there was something more waiting for you.
  • You’ve been frustrated because you continue to not live up to your full potential.
  • You are burnt out, stressed out, or lack inspiration.
  • You hate your job.
  • You hate your life.
  • You notice you lack work-life balance.
  • At the end of the day, you feel drained.
When you’re living outside of your Zone of Genius, and you’re trying to live in the zones below it – the zones called the Zone of Excellence, the Zone of Competence, and the Zone of Incompetence – the energy it takes to perform is magnificently heavy.

You can feel really stuck, wanting to solve it all, but not even knowing which direction to go in.

It can be life-draining, can lead to burnout, and success is just not easy or fun.

The back pain that I had, was my higher wisdom, saying, “I’ve been knocking for a few years and trying to convince you that you need to listen to your gut, Caneel, and it’s time to get on the right path. It’s time to get on a path that’s easier for you.”

I began recognizing what was working and what was not working in my own life, in a way that was not at all clear before.

This was the start of me really waking up and being like, “Oh, okay, there’s this thing called integrity, and it involves me holding myself to a new type of standard.”

I needed to stay in my center and not be leaning and stretching out into all these directions, contorting myself into a shape that I thought the world wanted me to be. I was saying “yes” to all of these things when I didn’t have a whole-body “Yes”.

Eventually, what that meant was, I found myself in the career that I’m in now, sharing these secrets with people like you who are sitting exactly where I was a few years ago.

Here’s what’s so crazy, you guys…

By following the simple process of being exactly who I am and nobody else, I’m able to live my Zone of Genius, completely pain-free!

Everything I was doing before, like needing to override all those signals, were pretty good signs that I was not in my Zone of Genius.

In my Zone of Genius, my whole entire presence is available and I have a whole-body “Yes” to what I’m doing.

I don’t have a whole-head “Yes,” and yet my body is saying “No.”

It’s listening to these little signals that will get you there.

You don’t need to solve it all right now, but if you stop saying ‘yes’ when you really mean ‘no,’” you will find yourself, maybe by surprise, moving toward your Zone of Genius.


Your Zone of Genius is a zone that is uniquely true about you, and without you, it would be lost from the world forever.

It took me deciding that I can’t let these expectations I’m putting on myself continue to be the thing that erodes my body so that I feel like an 85-year-old at 40.

If you’re there and if you’re suffering, I want to invite you into a true learning experience that I have created for you.

I have some exercises and I’m going to guide you through each and every bit of it.

You can actually sign up to be able to access that workshop right away, right now.

There’s never been a bigger opportunity or a more important time for you to hit the reset button.

How can you use what you are going through right now as that pivot point in your life that you’ve been waiting for for so long?

At the same time as there’s so much pressure and stress and challenge in this moment, there’s also this space and opportunity to reinvent yourself, get rid of what’s not working, and step into something that you don’t even know is possible yet.

So if you have no idea of what your Zone of Genius is, this FREE on-demand workshop is really going to inspire, enlighten and energize you. I’m really excited to see where you go with this.

Tap into the transformative power of your Zone of Genius in this free, virtual workshop.

How can you watch it?
Watch on-demand from your laptop, desktop, phone, or tablet.

Who is the coach/trainer?
Caneel Joyce, Ph.D.

Why it’s worth your valuable time?
To pave the way for living more in your Zone of Genius for faster growth and development.

What’s it all about?
A proven process to learn about your natural gifts, transform your leadership, and remove your obstacles to success in life, work and love.

Step into your Zone of Genius, to live in ease and flow, and make a contribution that is naturally your own unique contribution to give to the world.

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John Mark Nickels
John Mark Nickels
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"When I started this journey I felt afraid and then I learned that fear is a friend that is misunderstood. Now I am curious and what is possible for me is being a grounded present conduit between what is and loving that fully while channeling and manifesting what wants to become."
Elisabeth Nails
Elisabeth Nails
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"My year-long journey has been radically transformative. I have learned to nurture my self-confidence, magnify my self-awareness, and deepen my daily practice of coaching and supporting others from a place of authenticity and clarity. I have a new community filled with awe-inspiring peers I can look to for insight, accountability and revelation. Thank you, Caneel for sharing your genius by guiding this powerful and uplifting work!!!."

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