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Become a high-performing team.

Work with Caneel’s coaching firm, Kickass Enterprises, to build trust, address the real issues, and meet goals—as a team.

Is your team struggling with..?

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You're in the right place. Here’s how we can help.


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From startups to Fortune 500 companies, we coach leaders to lead in the way only they can.

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Some of my clients

Team Services

All offerings can be combined with 1:1 coaching

Team effectiveness assessment

Team Effectiveness Assessment

A coach conducts 1:1 interviews with each member of the team to hear their point of view, come up with an assessment to gauge team effectiveness, and build trust for further work.

Team trainings and workshops

Team Trainings and Workshops

We facilitate interactive workshops and trainings tailored to your team’s needs. Choose from specific topics such as communication, giving and receiving feedback and evaluations, leveraging, addressing, and navigating conflict, personality and the Enneagram, self-care, collaboration that utilizes the most out of everyone’s gifts

Ongoing executive team development

Ongoing Executive Team Development

We create a clear set of team agreements around how the team wants to work and operate together and what the strategic focus is. We have a monthly check-in meeting/executive team huddle where we work through sticking points and growing pains.

Executive team offsite

Executive Team Offsite

A skillfully designed and facilitated offsite can create the highest leverage hours your team has ever spent together. Offsites are one of the fastest ways to build trust, increase understanding, and deeply enhance your team's functioning. In one to two days, you can align, make decisions, understand the root causes of issues, and permanently shift some of the core dynamics limiting your team’s excellence.

Team 360

Team 360

A 360 degree look at how the team impacts the organization as a whole. Clarify behaviors, promote dialogue, increase accountability, identify blind spots, find development opportunities and enhance performance. An aggregated report is delivered in an executive team session.

Management training

Management Training

Our leadership growth program is a series of interactive workshops, skills training, peer-to-peer learning, and 1 to 1 coaching. It is 100% focused on developing leader’s self-awareness, their responsibility for growth and performance, communication skills, and goals in service of each managers development, accountability, and team leadership toward the company objectives.

Team-building workshop

Team-building Workshop

This workshop builds trust and understanding with a focus on team and company goals rather than individual and department goals. Participants walk away with a guide on how to work with every person on the team most effectively.

Team strengthsfinder

Team Strengthsfinder

Using Gallup’s Strengthsfinder assessment, we map out the team's strengths and reveal collective blindspots. This can help guide future hires, helps team members break out of functional silos, and allows teams to make use of all the strengths at the table when they’re needed.

Equine leadership workshops

Equine Leadership Workshops

Head up to the Take a Chance Ranch in Morgan Hill, California for the life-changing Circle Up Experience that quickly creates massive breakthroughs on an individual and team level. This unique, interactive animal experience reveals the power of the innate natural leadership each human possesses.

Teams trust us to navigate through challenges

From startups to Fortune 500 companies, we work with teams to improve dynamics/relationships, efficiency, and results. What our clients have in common is the desire and willingness to change.

3 steps to becoming a high-performing team

1. Talk to us​

executive teams lets talk

In an initial conversation, we’ll make sure we understand your needs, give you a clear diagnosis and provide you with the right-sized options to address it.

Solutions can range from surgical to comprehensive.

2. Pick your solution

executive teams solutions

Pick the option that fits your team’s appetite, needs, and budget.

We’ll make sure it works by tracking success and improving on it the more we learn.

3. Operate as a high performing team

high performing team

See the results. Teams become more innovative. Meetings become more efficient. Strained relationships become healthy and productive.

Everything gets and feels better—and team goals are reached.

Discover experiences that give your life purpose in your Zone of Genius

Executive Coach Dr. Caneel Joyce reveals a life-changing framework that can help you overcome self-doubt, uncover your hidden talents, and radiate with confidence, one small step at a time.