Conscious Luck with Gay Hendricks

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Explore how important it is for leaders to have an openness to learning and how 10-second miracle conversations can change leadership. This powerful conversation about conscious leadership reveals how making conscious commitments can help you create the life of your dreams.

Discover Your Original Medicine with Gail Larsen

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It’s 10 am. I haven’t showered in I don’t know when, deliverables are due, my team waits for me to text back… I have tried and failed to order groceries, made breakfast, done dishes, partially homeschooled the kids, attempted to check email (until I was interrupted), took a client call from the bathroom (the only […]

Zone of Genius: Restore Yourself Like a Rockstar

How Great Leaders & CEO’s Spend their Time Even the most conscious leaders who are mainly living in their Zone of Genius, doing their morning meditations and journaling practices every day still can find themselves burnt out, fried, or taking on workaholic tendencies. If this describes you, I want to let you in on a […]

How to Live in your Zone of Genius

Learn to live primarily in your Zone of Genius. The place where you find effortless flow and create value by using your natural gifts you love to use. Success comes naturally when you live primarily in your zone of genius.

Introduction to Zone of Genius: Finding Your Genius

Introduction to Zone of Genius It’s 2005 and I’m going to dance parties all night long in San Francisco. I’m in my PhD program for Organizational Behavior at Berkeley business school. The program seems like it was suited for people who like to sit down, doing a bunch of solitary, analytical, hard-ass work. I had […]