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Why The Rockstar Life Might Be Just What You Need

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Okay, I’m not going to lie to you. I’ve definitely thought about what would be on my green room rider before. 

Whenever I go to a concert and soak up that rockstar energy (special shoutout to my faves- Eddie Vedder and Steven Tyler), my mind drifts off to that delicious place where daydreamers go. I fantasize about a rockstar life of my own. 

Picture the world-famous musician lifestyle—thousands of screaming fans, private jets, after-parties, bottomless M&Ms. 

There’s a part of rockstar life you can enjoy on your own. Everyone can have a rockstar moment without knowing how to play a single guitar note or how to sing even slightly on key. 

When rock stars are creating an album, there is a period when they are not in the studio and not on the stage. They might not even be actively songwriting or practicing, instead just writing on their own or fiddling with their guitar. This period is their incubation phase – the chrysalis period. 

During this gradual process, they create their album and release it to the world as all their fans think, FINALLY! 

When you see your favorite artists on stage performing a new kickass album, totally killing it onstage, it feels like you’re seeing them do exactly what they were born to do. Their unique, perfect gifts are out in full force. You’re finally seeing them in their Zone of Genius. Totally. The truth is they were in their Zone of Genius the whole time, even when you weren’t seeing them. 

Let me explain. 

Sometimes you wait 1…5…even 10 years to get a shiny, new record to listen to. Why? Because they took the time they needed to create. 

And so can you. 

Sometimes resting and being productive are seen as two ends of a spectrum. But rest is productive. It doesn’t have to be traditional, work-centric productivity, but resting creates a type of productivity from honoring your needs. Rest produces more mental clarity, space, ease, and creativity. 

When it feels like your head is filled with sand and you’re barely able to keep your eyes open, it is unlikely you’re going to come up with your best idea of the past six months. 

Instead, when you take a walk in the park, watch the squirrels chase each other around an oak, and observe the way the light dances on the leaves of the tree, you might find the clarity you’ve been looking for. 

Rest isn’t about taking a nap. It absolutely might be a nap if that’s your favorite thing, but a lot of people aren’t feeling rested during their “downtime” because they aren’t incorporating their Zone of Genius into their restoration. 

Your restorative Zone of Genius is where you renew, revitalize and re-create yourself in a way only you can…. it gives you creative energy, and it’s an essential key to a balanced, fulfilling, and meaningful life. 

Restorative resting might be things already in your daily routine. Perhaps a cold shower in the morning, a warm bath at night, going on a run, or doing some yoga is how you renew and rest. Maybe it’s reading a thick, juicy biography or quietly writing in your journal. You may cook a feast for your family, be on a crowded dance floor, or listen to a concert.  

The key thing is that it suits you. It is unique to you, your needs and renews you. If laying down for a midday nap feels tedious, you will not feel restored. Personally, I am full of energy after I’ve danced all night. Listen to your internal wisdom. 

Ignore the “shoulds” ringing in your ears. 

I should really use this time to sleep. 

I should get back to work.

I shouldn’t want time away from my family. 

I shouldn’t spend 15 minutes dancing to Madonna when the dishes are dirty. 

You are allowed to go dark, to recuperate and do it like a total badass. 

Self-care does not have to be boring. Going to the gym or the spa isn’t for everyone. Instead, choosing a form of rest that incorporates your Zone of Genius will restore you easefully. Get creative with how you restore yourself, as it’s essential to you living the life of your dreams. 

If you’re the type of person who always has time for everyone and everything else but yourself, this is your opportunity to invest in your success by investing in your restoration. 

You will carry even more powerful rockstar energy into your public life if you take private time to restore. 

So what’s on your rockstar restoration rider? 

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