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You Really Don’t Need a Leadership Coach

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I know it sounds counterintuitive for a coach to be telling you this but you really don’t need a coach. You really don’t. No one does. 

It’s time to drop this idea. Even if everyone around you has one and it feels like you’re the only person who doesn’t, you don’t have to hire a coach. 

Some of the best CEOs in the world don’t have coaches. A lot of data indicates that most of them do (people like Steve Jobs, Marc Benioff, and Bill Gates), but some of them don’t. 

Perhaps you’ve looked into coaching because a friend or colleague said you should get a coach. Let me tell you… If I could eliminate one word from the dictionary, should would disappear into the ether.

If somebody has told you you need a coach, take a moment to open your mind to the feedback. Ponder the advice. But if you don’t want to be coached, DON’T move forward. 

If your gut is super resistant and saying a firm ‘nope!’ or it doesn’t seem like coaching is for you, don’t hire a coach because you’re either unwilling or not ready. 

Listen to your heart and your gut on this one because coaching is not only a financial investment but an emotional one as well. 

But if you’re here reading this right now and a little part of you is curious about what coaching could be like, you’re in the right place. 

I’m guessing you’re curious about dipping your toe in the shallow end before diving into the world of coaching. At least, a part of you is. A part of you is saying, “I really want a coach but I don’t know what it entails and I don’t know if its right for me.” 

There’s probably another part of you clinging to some intelligent hesitation. You’re feeling a little skeptical. There might be some feelings of shame bubbling up in your stomach.  

Maybe the only coaching you’ve really experienced was during 3rd grade Little League and Frank’s dad wasn’t the most supportive. You might feel that coaching sounds a little too “woo woo” new age for you. Perhaps you don’t want to be seen as someone who “needs” a coach.

Take a deep breath and rest assured coaching is not remediation. Coaching is an investment in your professional growth. 

The investment is not just your money, it’s your time, attention, and energy. It’s an act of dedication you give yourself. 

It’s not a wise investment to make if you don’t want it because you won’t get the rewards. But if you are curious it’s worth moving forward to the next steps.

“Investing in coaching over the last couple of years has really helped me build self-awareness skillsets.” – Tim Ellis, CEO and Co-Founder of Relativity Space

The question to consider when it comes to coaching is- do you want to change

You have to be willing to change in order to do so. If you don’t want to change or grow, coaching won’t benefit you. Lasting change and personal growth are the returns on your investment in a coach. 

Here are some other questions for you to consider:

  • Do you have a desire to change? 
  • Are you willing to change?
  • Is there a challenge you’re facing that you don’t know how to overcome? 
  • Have you tried everything you know how to do and still not made the changes you want to make?
  • Are you considering going down a different professional, relational, or life path? 
  • Are you looking for someone who will actually be present with you and push you?

If you are looking for all of the above and want to be challenged and supported, that’s a great indication coaching might be a good path for you to go down. 

To take the leap and begin to work with an executive coach, leadership coach, or career coach in real life is a powerful decision to make. It might end up being the most impactful decision you ever make.  

As always, the choice is yours. 

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Dr. Caneel Joyce is a CEO Coach and social scientist who helps people break out of the invisible traps and make whole-life changes easily and naturally.

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