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Season 1, Episode 33

Nobody Needs a Coach – How to Find a Coach and Do You Actually Need One?

About this episode:

You’re ready to make a change. You’ve tried the books and seminars, but you want something more. Investing in your growth is one of the most important investments you could ever make. 

This episode is your quick-start guide to coaching. 

Determine whether you need a coach and what type of coach would be best for you. Explore the power of coaching and how it can help your life and leadership. 

If you’re ready to take the next step in your personal growth or just looking to get started on your journey, this coaching breakdown will teach you the basics of coaching, its various forms, and the incredible ways it can enhance your self-awareness and personal growth. 


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Unleash the power of coaching and unlock your potential for personal growth and transformation. Explore frequently asked questions about coaching, including its benefits, the distinction from therapy, and how it empowers you to conquer your goals. Embark on a journey of self-discovery and success today.

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Want to hear about coaching?

Embark on a captivating journey of self-discovery experienced through the shift from consulting to executive coaching. Discover the transformative power of presence, powerful conversations, and dedicated service, and learn how coaching can catalyze personal and professional growth.


4:54 – Some of the main questions that people ask about coaching.

6:03 – Question 1: Do I need a Coach?

12:56 – Coaches help raise self-awareness.

15:23 – Question 2: What is your goal? What do you want? What type of coach is best for me?

23:53 – Question 3: Do I need a coach or do I need a therapist?

28:40 – Question 4: Do I want one on one coaching or group coaching?

35:53 – Question 5: How do I find a coach for myself?

37:48 – Download the free How to Find a Coach E-Book with over 30 pages of guidance on whether or not coaching is right for you and how to navigate the world of coaching.

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