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Season 1, Episode 18

Skills for Creating Anything You Want – The Creator Role in the Empowerment Triangle

About this episode:

In this episode, we honor the leader in each of us. Discover your creative power, your ability to influence and even control things that you did not know that you could control. When you move into empowerment and away from victimhood and other forms of Drama, you have the opportunity to create the life you want to live and make your other dreams a reality.

Throughout this episode, learn how to reject the Victim mindset and step into the Creator role in your own life. You can claim your full power by learning how to harness the power of responsibility to bring your vision to life.



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In a world where opportunities abound, there’s often one significant obstacle holding us back: ourselves. But what if we realized that we have the power to create anything we desire? By shifting from a victim mindset to that of a conscious creator, we can tap into our true potential. Welcome to the Empowerment Triangle, where the roles of Victim, Villain, and Hero are replaced with Creator, Coach, and Challenger.
This article explores the transformative power of embracing the Creator role and taking responsibility for our lives. Discover the key skills of a Creator, from a passionate commitment to conscious focus and decisive action. It’s time to break free from limitations and design a life that aligns with your vision and aspirations.

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Get started on the path of living Above the Line and going from victimhood to a place of power.

 You’ve learned how to recognize drama and identify if you or others are Below the Line. Now find empowerment by shifting Above the Line into the Empowerment Triangle.

 Discover the three distinct forms of power that are available to you Above the Line when you are being a Conscious Leader. The 3 aspects of the Empowerment Triangle are the Coach, the Challenger, and the Creator, and up there in that state of flow, anything is possible. Throughout this episode learn how to shift out of drama and into power. 

 Power is a place where you can resolve issues permanently, where you can learn, where you are free to create the life that you want. Empowerment means you are responsible without blame or judgment, and a visionary Creator dedicated to creating the life you want.

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