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How Conscious Leaders View Challenges

Image S1E70 How Conscious leaders view challenges

Expressing your gratitude for things that feel profound, positive, and important feels straightforward and easy. However, being grateful for that which we find most challenging is not usually something we consider or put into practice. Finding gratitude for the challenges you face allows you to take back control of something that may have felt beyond your control. When challenging moments and obstacles arise, we can easily slip into a state of powerlessness or victimhood that, in conscious leadership, would be described as being in the drama triangle, where we perceive life as happening to us and being against us. Living a life of conscious presence means that you acknowledge all aspects of your life as serving a purpose for your benefit and growth.

Finding Gratitude in Challenges

Image S1E3 Gratitude (1)

Finding gratitude within your challenges can be empowering and allows you to take back control of what may feel beyond your control.

Loving Kindness and Stress Management with Janet Logothetti

Image S1E20 Loving Kindness and Stress Management during Covid 19 with Janet Logothetti

Tough times call for loving leadership. With the COVID-19 pandemic shattering the idea of normal, leaders face the unique challenge of guiding teams to success during intense uncertainty. In this conversation, Dr. Caneel Joyce talks with Janet Logothetti about how to create an environment of loving kindness and how to manage stress during COVID-19. Hear about the importance regulation plays in leadership and how to create powerful connections within your team even through remote work.