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Season 1, Episode 44

A Daily Routine for Growth Mindset & Gratitude That Will Change Your Life with Alex Ikonn, Creator of The Five Minute Journal and The Productivity Planner

About this episode:

As creative thinkers and entrepreneurs, we create tools and products because we, ourselves, need to work on something. For Canadian entrepreneur superstar, Alex Ikonn, co-founder of Intelligent Change and creator of the best-selling Five Minute Journal and Productivity Planner, gratitude was his Achilles heel. When Alex, who had a challenging childhood and at times had felt like a victim of his circumstances, learned the power of gratitude, it shifted his whole life. 

If you have scarcity in your life of some sort, whether it be from things that are happening in your family, in your career, or in relationships, you can get into that trap of saying, “Why me?” 

When Alex had that first huge realization that you are planting seeds to your reality with your everyday thoughts and that what you focus on, you cultivate and create in your life, everything changed for him. He learned that if you want to make any difference in your life, you have to take responsibility. This led him to create tools like the Five Minute Journal that could act like “toothbrushes for the mind” and help people build new, healthy habits through a daily routine of being grateful that catapults them on a new life trajectory through changing their mindset.

No one can make you unhappy. Once you take responsibility in your life, there is power. If you take care of that one being that you can be responsible for – YOU – you’re making a massive change that will create a ripple effect and you’re going to inspire others. 

In this episode, Alex Ikonn shares his personal journey and it demonstrates how one truly simple question, asked once per day, can make a massive, fundamental difference in your life. 



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Learn how entrepreneur Alex Ikonn, co-founder of Intelligent Change, transformed his life by embracing gratitude. Find out how gratitude and personal agency can revolutionize your life and inspire others to make positive changes.

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Want to hear more about gratitude?

One of the things that I often see is that it’s easy to be grateful for things that seem really profound and important. It’s not usually something we consider, to be grateful for that which we find most challenging. 

2020 has been the year of challenges. However, these challenges have made us wake up and realize that it is now time to face these things which we did not want to face before. Finding gratitude within your challenges can be empowering and allows you to take back control of something that may have felt beyond your control.

Flipping something that seems like an unwelcome challenge and looking for how this might be exactly the right thing for you right now can be hugely beneficial and spur both personal and interpersonal growth. It’s not always easy to do, but in many of life’s circumstances, it can be true that there is a silver lining.

Meet the Guest

alex ikonn

Alex Ikonn is a student of life, always learning. He is an entrepreneur based in London, UK who co-founded several successful businesses including Intelligent Change where he created the best-selling Five Minute Journal (1M in print) and Productivity Planner (200k+ in print). Luxy Hair was his first startup Co-founded Luxy Hair with his wife Mimi Ikonn and her sister in 2010 which came to be one of the largest Direct-to-Consumer hair extension e-commerce brands online (acquired Dec. 2018). They are also angel investors and have invested in great companies like Calm, June, Tradesy, and others. His YouTube channel is his outlet to deliver value to people as he goes along his journey and learns things along the way that he wants to share with others.


The Five Minute Journal

The Productivity Planner

Intelligent Change Website 

Alex’s YouTube Channel


5:45 – Meet Alex Ikonn, the co-founder of Intelligent Change and co-creator of the best-selling Five Minute Journal.

9:59 – There are huge benefits for your mental health and learning and growth process of using tangible items such as a pen and paper.

13:37 – How the Five Minute Journal is a reflection of Alex Ikonn’s life journey.

18:07 – How the victim mindset plays into a fixed existence. Change your beliefs and enter a growth and gratitude mindset and you are able to change your habits and eventually your life. 

25:11 – How Intelligent Change and the Five Minute Journal was created out of the idea of growing a lifestyle business.

34:35 – How to use the Five Minute Journal as support in using the Change Formula.

59:39 – Caneel shares a story about the magic that happens when you make the decision to express your gratitude.

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