#3: Gratitude vs Entitlement

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With this journaling exercise, you will begin finding all the blessings in your life, whether they are big or small. You will learn to become appreciative even in times of challenge and this exercise will help boost your own sense of gratitude and abundance. 

  • Daily Blessings Handout (Free Download): Use Heather’s faith-based gratitude journal and be guided through your own challenges and blessings.
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Today we're doing something a little different. This is a personal episode. It's Thanksgiving week here in the U.S. and a lot of us are getting ready to head off for family gatherings. This week, our focus is on gratitude.

This is a really cool holiday here in the U.S. where we're all focusing together on gratitude and ironically we also are presented with some challenges to really appreciating what we have. 

The stress of travel and meeting up with family that you may not have seen in a long time, back in familiar situations that can bring you right back to a prior age. We often might find ourselves accidentally slipping into a sense of entitlement and that simply means we have a thought like I should get to do something I'm not doing, I should get to be treated like some way I'm not being treated or I shouldn't have to deal with some way that it currently is.

With my guest, Heather Nienaber, who has been my right-hand woman here at Kickass Enterprises for five years, we're going to be exploring the difference between entitlement and appreciation and the results of these two really different states. We're also coming at this from two very different angles. Mine tends to be more spiritual/secular, whereas Heather comes from a deep Christian faith. You're allowed to grow from any change and find appreciation in any situation. Now let's start the show.


Final Note: Get the free download of the "Daily Blessings Worksheet" mentioned in the episode at the top of the page. This will help get you started on the path of sustainable change and lasting impact. 

Tune in and learn all about…

  • [02:34] I'm joined today by Heather Nienaber, our head of operations here who is a superstar in every way and has really helped keep me, my family and my business afloat even though we've never even been in the same state.
  • [06:59] Gratitude, which is available to us when we're not in an entitlement mindset, has a lot of proven benefits. When we're in gratitude we have the ability to increase our happiness by 25% or more.
  • [19:44] Heather talks about how to welcome any challenge as something that has a silver lining and tells us a story around Thanksgiving last year and some surprises she found in her new home.
  • [22:34] Heather shares an exercise about finding your Daily Blessings that she does with her faith circle. (Get access to the free downloadable worksheet in the Tools and Resources section at the top of the page)
  • [28:06] I've faced a couple of challenges where it was really hard for me to find my gratitude and I struggled and it felt so irrelevant and inaccessible to get grateful. And one of the biggest challenges I've faced in my life is that when my first baby was born and he got cholic.
  • [40:18] Heather discusses challenges she is facing in her family and how she is able to find the blessings and gratitude in these circumstances.
  • [56:24] Heather and I discuss the importance of finding supportive groups to share in gratitude with and the positives transformations because of it. (Join Caneel’s group coaching in the link section below)
  • [1:05:07] Overview: This week as you head off into Thanksgiving, look for the opportunities to identify the gift in any of the challenges that come your way.
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