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Season 2, Episode 6

How to Get Creative About Change: The Change Formula

About this episode:

Are your results not matching up to the level of change you want? 

Let’s figure out what you truly want and set you up for success to actually get it. 

You may want change, but are you willing to create it?

Sustainable and lasting change takes willingness. 

In this episode, you will discover how to boost your willingness through the Change Formula. 

Take the first step in boosting your willingness by learning about the importance of tapping into your creativity and crafting a powerful, motivating vision! You will then hear why getting comfortable with discomfort could be the missing component to making sustainable change in your life and leadership. Learn how you can get creative with how you support yourself through change and what support can do to make change easier. 

Throughout the episode, you will also learn how listening to your Whole Body Yes can make each part of the Change Formula easier! 

Change doesn’t have to be hard. Once you tap into your will and choose to step into the Creator role in your life, you can create the changes you’ve been dreaming about.




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Climbing a mountain and making life changes share a common principle: willingness. Your compelling vision fuels your journey, while discomfort propels you forward. Seek support and take baby steps, one at a time. Sustainable change is possible when you embrace your willingness, face discomfort head-on, and find the support you need. Trust your instincts and commit to the transformation process.

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Want to hear more about the change formula?

The Change Formula is a groundbreaking method guiding you to create sustainable, lasting change. You have free will, and taking 100% responsibility for how you show up is key to this process. Resistance to change is real, but with the foundational knowledge of the Change Formula, it is possible to overcome obstacles holding you back.


02:33 The Unarguable Check In

12:12 How to Get What You Want

15:00 What is the Change Formula?

18:48 The Change Formula: How to Create a Vision

26:17 The Change Formula: The Power of Discomfort

33:06 The Change Formula: Why Support Encourages Change

36:33 How to Guide Yourself Through Personal Growth: Follow Your Whole Body Yes

43:20 Are You Willing to Change?

46:08 Additional Conscious Leadership Resources

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