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Navigating Change with Ceremony and Ritual

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Learn about ceremony and ritual’s potential to reduce emotional dysregulation and anxiety, as well as their significance in addressing grief and processing emotions. Highlighting the importance of community support and being witnessed during change, Caneel explains how ceremony provides a container for conscious transition.

How to Design Your Career to Fit Your Life with Noa Ries and Kim Havens of Kahilla

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Unlock the secrets to designing your dream business and leadership lifestyle with Noa Ries and Kim Havens, co-founders of Kahilla. Discover how to lead authentically and harmoniously, integrating all aspects of your life. Say goodbye to compartmentalization and embrace a whole-person approach to success. Join these remarkable women as they share their unconventional journey, challenging conventional leadership advice and building a thriving business that serves their families and empowers women worldwide.

Working Parents during COVID – Leverage Their Value with Dr. Dana Sumpter

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In this episode, we talk about specific tactical recommendations for both parents and leaders of working parents to maximize growth, improve communication, increase support, and optimize productivity, especially in remote working and remote learning environments. You may be one of those who is needing to be better understood, better supported, or you may be not part of this demographic segment and yet it’s very important that we better understand what they’re going through right now so that we can move into a place of greater awareness and we can make conscious choices as leaders about how we might adapt our approach to be more in service of that to which we are most deeply committed.