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The Core Emotions: Allowed Essentials Minisode

Image S2E5 The Wisdom of the 5 Core Emotions

Join Dr. Caneel Joyce as she breaks down the five basic emotions: joy, sadness, fear, anger, and desire, and invites you to listen to their innate value and wisdom. Explore the power of emotional intelligence and the art of feeling your way through to a more fulfilling life.

Navigating Change with Ceremony and Ritual

Image S3E11

Learn about ceremony and ritual’s potential to reduce emotional dysregulation and anxiety, as well as their significance in addressing grief and processing emotions. Highlighting the importance of community support and being witnessed during change, Caneel explains how ceremony provides a container for conscious transition.

The Wisdom of the 5 Core Emotions

Image S2E5 The Wisdom of the 5 Core Emotions

Learn how the fact vs. story framework gives you the skills to consciously communicate your emotions. By the end of the episode, you will know how to shift away from the drama-based story language and into the language of facts in order to break out of draining emotional cycles and step into empowerment.