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We are proud of the work we have done and love to see the growth our clients have achieved.

Here are some of their shared experiences.


Tim Ellis

Cofounder / CEO at Relativitiy

When I first started to work with Caneel, I was having difficulties managing my cofounder relationship on top of growing multiple facets of our business extremely quickly. This was uncharted territory from my background as an engineer. We interviewed about half a dozen coaches and went with Caneel due to her balance of creativity and structure, and a strong personality fit to our cofounding team of equal parts science and art. While stresses of startup life never go away, I do feel substantially more mindful and equipped to tackle the challenges ahead, and almost certainly credit saving our cofounder “marriage” to her. Investing in that relationship, facilitated by Caneel, has meant everything. You should pick her if you, like me, want someone who can force you to question your own strong-willed assumptions, facilitate creative breakthroughs, and get clarity on interpersonal relations both within and outside your startup.

Brandon Hurlbut

Co-founder at Boundary Stone

I am better at making decisions on time management because I have become clearer on what is my Zone of Genius (need to spend 70% of my time there); Zone of Excellence (spend 20% of time there); and Zone of Competency (spend 10% there). I have operated in the past on “fear of missing out” and have learned the concept of a “whole body yes” and if it’s not – it’s a no, which has made me more discerning on anything from whether to attend an event to making an investment.

Mark Haner

Director of N. American Sales at Linkedin

Thank you Caneel! I’ve been implementing the concepts with rigor in a few different areas, specifically the monthly speaking engagements I find myself participating in.

Dr. Jay Spence

CEO at Uprise

Caneel is an exceptional coach. She has the capacity to move between emotional root cause and the practical with ease. I’m currently CEO of a healthtech company but my background is as a clinical psychologist so I’ve seen plenty of supervisors, coaches and therapists in my past. Caneel stands out amongst the professionals I’ve worked with before for the ability to balance my professional world with my emotional world. She is focused on authenticity, challenging when she needed to be and created enough psychological safety from the start that I felt immediately comfortable to work quickly on some deeper issues that were holding me back. I’ve been genuinely and happily surprised by the speed of the results that started showing up and I changed some long standing patterns within the first three sessions. I’d highly recommend Caneel to anyone who works in a high pressure role who wants to examine how they can lead authentically, move past habits that don’t work and not sacrifice ethics in the pursuit of what you want most.

Cassandra LeVan

Managing Director at Brainjolt

I’m eternally grateful for this learning… it’s been truly life changing both on a 
professional as well as personal level. Caneel and I worked through a lot of stories I have about identity and being a leader, 
and were able to gain better insights into my strengths but also blind spots. Partnering with Caneel also helped me look at fresh patterns 
and new ways of relating to other team members.

Helen Lee Kupp

Leading Business Strategy at Slack

Caneel has helped me find and own my power, and in doing so transformed my own performance and the way I lead. She has an uncanny ability to pinpoint when and how I’m holding myself back. She’s armed me with the tools and practice to break through those barriers, and I feel more confident dealing with difficult situations and change. But more than that, I truly am a more whole person in and out of work because of our coaching together.

Prophet Walker

Founder & CEO at Upwell Real Estate

The cofounder team offsite we did with [Caneel] is the best money we’ve ever spent!

Christine Carrillo

Founder & CEO at Joany

Caneel quickly and thoughtfully putting together a cofounder retreat and a program to address our scaling challenges by defining our senior leadership’s areas of accountability. Caneel helped us through the process of letting go of areas that are no longer ours to own as our roles changed within the company. Caneel gave us immense support and coaching on scaling Joany at an aggressive pace while delivering on our promises to our customers and employees.

Jeremi Gorman

Head of Advertising at Amazon

I have had executive coaches in the past and they are just that…executive coaches. An executive is only a part of who I am. I am also many other things. I am a family person, a friend, an aunt, an athlete, an adventurer, a traveler, a napper and many other things. Caneel is a person coach. Her tactics, advice and methods allow me to be the best of myself in all of the areas that matter to me. I don’t know any executive who considers themselves the “best” because the “best” executives are always looking for ways to be better. This is what makes them stand out and seek improvement. Caneel is extraordinary at helping you understand what your “best” traits are and helping you embrace them while also helping you understand areas in which you can improve. She has a unique ability to identify even the most attributes and then help you ascertain how they may be perceived by different types of employees. Working with her has made me more well rounded. The time I have gotten back as a result of working with Caneel has been worth every penny. Admittedly, I was trepidatious about spending money on something I felt was qualitative, working at a quantitative company. However, her advice and coaching on time management, delegation, self realization and prioritization have given me more time back and made me quantifiably more productive. Before working with Caneel, I had challenges prioritizing my time. I wanted to be everything to everyone, be in every meeting, meet with all of the important clients, and provide input to all major initiatives. Since working with Caneel, I have accepted that I am empowered to change the constant feeling of “I’m busy” and find myself thinking “I’m effective”. I wish I had gone through her coaching years ago because I would have learned the skills to say yes when I mean yes and no when I mean no. The sense of relief I have found from learning how to be definitive have made me the coach and leader I need to be to propel my organization forward. She has a unique ability to identify even the *best attributes and then help you ascertain how they may be perceived by different types of employees.

Mary Bloom

Product Strategy at Snapchat

It was great, really powerful, challenging at times to face truths about myself and habits that weren’t serving me, but especially important for me because I was going through big personal and professional transitions. I’ve found there’s still room for improvement and some of those old habits die hard, but it’s been really great for me to realize and focus on the attributes, attitudes, skills that enable me to be great at my work and when I see myself falling into reactions and behaviors that aren’t (fear of failure, over preparing, defensiveness), I pause and try to pivot. I find I’m more relaxed, more confident, and work is more fun and I’m happier with my life overall, not just professionally.

Sam Baker

COO at Wunder Carpool - now Wunder Mobility

Before working with Caneel I felt like life simply happened to me, and I struggled to describe why I often felt exhausted at the end of the day. Caneel has not only helped me learn how to reflect on my feelings but also given me a practical set of tools to decide how I want to react to difficult situations. Now I feel more at home in myself and confident that I can work through challenges at work and home. You should work with Caneel if you appreciate straight forward feedback but are also open to working through deeper personal challenges for which there no immediate answers.

Ariel Kaye

Founder & CEO at Parachute Home

I’m so thrilled with how [our executive team offsite] today went and I think everyone feels the same way. It felt like the most productive day we’ve had together as a team and I think will have such an amazing impact on how we go forward as leaders individually and together. for the website… “Our executive team offsite with Caneel was the most productive day we’ve ever had together as a team. It will have such an amazing impact on how we go forward as leaders individually and together.”

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