How to Get Creative About Change: The Change Formula

One Foot After the Other: How to Make Lasting Change Okay, fine, I admit it!!  I am obsessed with mountaineering documentaries.  Thank you, sweet, dear Netflix…  Watching someone going through the experience of climbing a mountain and reaching that final lookout point… WOW! I catch myself holding my breath during their final ascent.  Achieving the […]

The Wisdom of the 5 Core Emotions

Learn how to find your 5 core feelings and how understanding your emotions can inspire change and growth. There is wisdom in your emotions – learn to feel them and learn from them.

How to Stop Saying Yes When You Really Want to Say No

integrity clear agreements whole body yes

When you stop saying Yes when you really want to say No you bring yourself into integrity and can make clear agreements. Staying in integrity opens you up to less stress, burnout and helps you to live in your Zone of Genius. Learn how to find a Whole Body Yes to guide your decision-making.

Are You Curious? The way of the curious leader


When leaders get curious with true genuine curiosity they shift into a place of powerful responsibility. The way of the curious leader provides perks ranging from empowerment to productivity. You can improve your communication skills by learning how to ask mindful questions.

One Superpower Every Great Leader Has in Common

What is the one superpower every great leader has in common?  I remember first learning about this concept in 7th grade. It felt very obtuse and elusive. How in the world do I make myself be more present in class? I just didn’t get it – it felt hard. I was constantly distracted.  Distractions coming in […]

Is it Time to Quit and Start Over?

Years ago, around 2am, Roy and I were wrestling with a combination of creative passion and total frustration. Drenched in sweat, and surrounded by the smell of an old wet dog that was not even ours, we had moved the couch 18 (count them 18!!!) times. I was on Etsy, furiously searching for a new coffee table.

What is Integrity?

One of the Main Goals of Conscious Leaders Often, in life, you may ask yourself questions like, “Is this the right path for me?” You think of it as an elusive answer. Floating around somewhere ‘out there’.  But the next step is always the one right in front of you. You can get an inherent […]

The Biggest Mistake Conscious Leaders Make

You Don’t Need to be Perfect You notice you are not present in a situation.  Do you try hard to regain presence? Focusing and putting in effort to be present in the moment.  When you try hard and put forth effort to stay present it results in not being present. This reflects a lack of […]