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Which careers are the best for your Enneagram type?

Enneagram Typing


The Enneagram is a dynamic system of personality typology, providing profound insights into the core motivations, fears, and behavioral patterns that shape you. While rooted in ancient wisdom, the Enneagram has become increasingly relevant in today’s world. This nine-pointed model offers a comprehensive framework for understanding yourself and others. But beyond its value in personal growth and interpersonal relationships, the Enneagram can also be a powerful tool to guide career exploration.

Each of the nine Enneagram types is a valuable asset, bringing forth unique strengths, tendencies, and aspirations. Recognizing these inherent traits and inclinations can illuminate the most fulfilling and rewarding career choices. Delving into the best career options for each of the different types not only allows for a deeper understanding of oneself but also paves the way for you to harness these qualities in professions that resonate with your personal values, ambitions, and sense of purpose. 

Let’s go over each type and explore the specific careers most suited for the unique strengths of each aspect of the nine-pointed Enneagram. 

Type 1: The Reformer

Enneagram Type Ones, often referred to as The Perfectionists or The Reformers, have a strong sense of ethics, integrity, and an innate desire for improvement. Driven by an inner moral compass, Ones hold themselves and others to high standards, seeking to make the world a better place through action and principle. They are highly principled individuals who strive for excellence in all aspects of life, exhibiting a deep commitment to doing what they believe is right. Ones are conscientious, responsible, and self-disciplined, with an acute attention to detail that can sometimes lead to perfectionistic tendencies. They have a strong sense of justice and fairness, advocating for what they perceive as morally correct. While their dedication to improvement is admirable, Ones often grapple with an inner critic that can create feelings of frustration and self-criticism when their expectations are not met. In relationships and careers, Ones are reliable, organized, and diligent, thriving in environments where their values align with the tasks at hand. They seek to bring order and structure to their surroundings, channeling their energy into making tangible and positive changes in the world.

Careers that allow them to uphold their values, pursue ethical standards, and create positive change are ideal for Ones. The best fit for Ones are professions where their sense of responsibility and their innate ability to pay attention to detail can be channeled to make a meaningful impact. Fields such as law, where they can advocate for justice and fairness, or roles in compliance and regulation, allowing them to ensure adherence to ethical standards, align well with their core values. Careers in project management or quality control appeal to Ones as they can implement precise systems and procedures to achieve high standards.

Additionally, positions in education, where they can instill values and mentor others, resonate deeply with their desire to improve society. Type Ones thrive in environments that appreciate their dedication to improvement and uphold moral integrity, making them invaluable assets in any profession that allows them to channel their strong sense of purpose and social justice into tangible results.

Type 2: The Helper

Enneagram Type Twos, commonly known as The Helpers or The Givers, are characterized by their innate warmth, empathy, and a deep desire to support and care for others. Two’s find fulfillment assisting those around them, and often place the needs of others above their own.

Twos are incredibly nurturing individuals, intuitively attuned to the emotions and well-being of those in their social circle. They excel in creating nurturing environments and fostering strong, meaningful connections with others. Twos thrive on being needed and appreciated for their support and kindness. Their generosity knows no bounds, often extending far beyond what is asked or expected. However, in their pursuit of fulfilling the needs of others, Twos may sometimes neglect their own needs, leading to feelings of being unappreciated or overlooked. They can also struggle with setting boundaries, which can sometimes result in feelings of exhaustion or burnout.

Enneagram Type Twos, renowned for their nurturing and compassionate nature, excel in careers that enable them to support and connect with others on a deep emotional level. They thrive in roles that allow them to express empathy and offer assistance. Careers in counseling or therapy resonate well with Twos as they can utilize their natural ability to listen, empathize, and guide individuals towards healing and growth. Positions in healthcare, such as nursing or caregiving roles, appeal to their nurturing instincts, providing them with opportunities to offer direct care and support to those in need. Additionally, roles in social work or community outreach allow Twos to make a significant impact by advocating for marginalized groups and addressing societal issues. Their remarkable people skills and genuine desire to help make them well-suited for professions where their altruistic efforts can profoundly impact the lives of others. Furthermore, careers that involve teaching, coaching, or mentorship enable Twos to foster relationships and provide guidance, fulfilling their deep-seated need to be of service to others.

Type 3: The Achiever

Enneagram Type Threes, often known as The Achievers or The Performers, are characterized by their ambition, adaptability, and focus on success. They possess a relentless drive to achieve their goals and are highly motivated by recognition and accomplishment. Threes are adept at presenting themselves in a polished and impressive manner, often seeking to excel in their chosen endeavors.

Ambitious, resourceful, and skilled at networking and self-promotion,  Threes have a natural charisma that allows them to navigate social situations with ease, making them adept at influencing and inspiring others. However, their desire for success and admiration can sometimes lead to a tendency to prioritize image over authenticity, and they might struggle with acknowledging their vulnerabilities.

Careers that offer opportunities for achievement, recognition, and advancement are careers Threes thrive in. Positions in leadership, such as management or executive roles, are an ideal career because they allow Threes to showcase their leadership abilities, strategic thinking, and drive for success. Careers in entrepreneurship also suit them well, as they are highly motivated self-starters with a knack for innovation and achieving set targets. Additionally, fields like sales, marketing, or public relations appeal to their ability to engage and persuade others, while also providing them with opportunities to excel and be acknowledged for their accomplishments. Threes might also find fulfillment in performance-related careers such as acting, public speaking, or entertainment, where they can use their charisma and ambition to captivate audiences. Ultimately, careers that allow them to set and achieve goals while receiving recognition for their hard work and dedication are the best fit for Threes.

Type 4: The Individualist

Enneagram Type Fours, The Individualists or The Romantics, are characterized by their deep emotional depth, creativity, and longing for authenticity. They possess a rich inner world, often driven by a quest for identity and self-expression. Fours are highly attuned to their emotions and seek to understand the complexities of their feelings, valuing individuality and uniqueness. They have a natural ability for creative expression and often excel in artistic pursuits where they can use their imagination to express their innermost thoughts and emotions. Fours possess a profound sense of authenticity and value deep, meaningful connections with others, driven by a desire to be understood and appreciated for their individuality. However, their strong emotional depth might sometimes lead to feelings of melancholy, longing, or a sense of being misunderstood.

Enneagram Type Fours are drawn to careers with a creative outlet for their artistic talents. Professions that allow them to express their creativity and individuality, like arts such as writing, music, visual arts, or acting, give Fours the opportunity to utilize the most of their emotional intelligence. Careers in counseling or therapy also suit Fours well, as they possess a natural empathy and the ability to connect deeply with others on an emotional level. Additionally, roles in design, fashion, or any field that allows them to create and innovate while expressing their unique perspectives align with their artistic inclinations. Fours might also find fulfillment in careers that involve self-discovery and personal growth, such as coaching or holistic healing practices, where they can help others navigate their emotions and embrace their individuality. Ultimately, Type Fours thrive in careers that enable them to embrace their creativity, authenticity, and emotional depth.

Type 5: The Investigator

The Investigators or The Thinkers, Enneagram Type Fives possess an intellectual curiosity, deep analytical thinking, and quest for knowledge. They are introspective individuals who seek to understand the world through observation and analysis. Fives are naturally curious, often immersing themselves in topics of interest, acquiring expertise in their chosen fields. They value autonomy and independence, often preferring solitude to recharge and delve into their thoughts.

The ability to observe patterns, synthesize information, and develop innovative solutions to complex problems is one of the greatest skills of a Five. However, their inclination toward introspection and detachment might sometimes lead to social withdrawal or a sense of isolation.

Intellectual, analytical, and curious, Type 5s excel in careers that require expertise and knowledge. Fields like research, academia, IT, engineering, or any role that involves problem-solving and deep understanding of complex systems suit their inquisitive nature. Careers in technology, computer programming, engineering, or data analysis are well-suited to Fives, as these roles enable them to apply their analytical prowess and problem-solving abilities. Additionally, positions in writing or journalism, where Fives can explore and communicate their insights and discoveries, resonate with their intellectual curiosity. Fives might also find fulfillment in roles that provide autonomy and independence, such as freelance work or consulting, allowing them the freedom to explore diverse interests and contribute their expertise. Ultimately, Type Fives excel in careers that allow them to immerse themselves in intellectually stimulating environments where their analytical skills and thirst for knowledge are valued.

Type 6: The Loyalist

Enneagram Type Sixes, the The Loyalists or The Guardians, are characterized by their sense of responsibility, loyalty, and commitment to security. They seek safety and support in their environment, deeply valuing predictability and reliability. Sixes are diligent individuals who thrive in structured settings and tend to plan ahead to mitigate potential risks or uncertainties. They are loyal to their relationships, communities, and beliefs, often seeking guidance and reassurance from trusted sources. Type Sixes possess a keen awareness of potential dangers or challenges, which can lead to a tendency to anticipate worst-case scenarios or be cautious in decision-making. Their sense of skepticism is balanced by a desire for guidance and a strong need to feel secure within their surroundings.

Loyal, responsible, and highly committed, Sixes thrive in careers that provide security and structure such as law enforcement, administration, project management, or roles that require risk assessment and planning for potential outcomes. Roles in administration, project management, or operations are ideal jobs for Sixes because they appeal to their organizational skills and ability to create efficient systems. Careers in law enforcement, where their commitment to safety and adherence to rules are valued, resonate with Type Sixes’ desire for security and protection. Additionally, positions in fields such as accounting, auditing, or compliance, where attention to detail and risk assessment are crucial, suit their meticulous nature.

Type Sixes might also find fulfillment in roles within supportive environments like counseling or human resources, where they can provide guidance and security to others. Ultimately, careers that provide a sense of structure, guidance, and security align well with Type Sixes’ strengths and desires for stability and reassurance.

Type 7: The Enthusiast

Enneagram Type Sevens, often known as The Enthusiasts or The Adventurers, are characterized by their spontaneous, optimistic, and fun-loving nature. They possess an insatiable thirst for new experiences, excitement, and variety in life. Sevens are highly imaginative individuals who embrace possibilities and are quick to generate ideas. They exude an infectious enthusiasm that energizes those around them, often seeking to avoid pain or negative feelings by focusing on positive aspects and opportunities. Sevens possess a natural ability to adapt to change and reframe challenges as opportunities for growth. However, their avoidance of discomfort or boredom might lead to a tendency to distract themselves from deeper emotions or commitments, hopping from one exciting experience to another.

Spontaneous, adventurous, and fun-loving, Type 7s seek excitement and variety. They flourish in careers that offer diversity, flexibility, and innovation. Entrepreneurship or roles in innovation and product development suit Sevens well, as they excel in generating new ideas and pursuing opportunities. A creative career is a great option for Sevens! Event planning, marketing, or public relations, where creativity and enthusiasm are valued are often a great fit for Sevens because those types of careers resonate with their ability to engage and captivate audiences.

Additionally, positions in entertainment, such as performing arts or media, enable Sevens to channel their creativity and love for excitement into engaging projects. Sevens might also find fulfillment in roles that involve travel, such as tourism or adventure-based professions, where they can explore new places and experiences. Careers that provide a dynamic and stimulating environment, allowing Sevens to embrace their sense of adventure and creativity, overall align well with their energetic and optimistic nature.

Type 8: The Challenger

The Challengers, Enneagram Type Eights, are assertive and confident, with a natural inclination towards taking charge. They possess a strong and commanding presence, exuding confidence and a no-nonsense attitude. Eights are driven by a strong desire for control, seeking autonomy and self-reliance. They are decisive individuals who are unafraid to confront challenges head-on, often advocating for justice and standing up for themselves and others. Eights are natural leaders, valuing strength, assertiveness, and integrity. While they display a tough exterior, Eights also have a compassionate and protective side, especially towards those they care about. However, their assertiveness might sometimes come across as intimidating, and their desire for control can lead to challenges in relinquishing power or vulnerability.

As natural leaders, Enneagram Type Eights excel in careers that allow them to take charge, make impactful decisions, and lead with authority. Executive positions or leadership roles, where their assertiveness and ability to make tough decisions are valued, are a great career option for Eights. Career opportunities in entrepreneurship, where they can carve their path and drive initiatives, resonate with their strong-willed and independent nature.

Additionally, roles in law enforcement, military, or advocacy provide Eights with opportunities to champion causes, defend justice, and protect others. Eights might also thrive in positions that demand negotiation and strategic thinking, such as business consultancy or high-stakes sales. Ultimately, careers that allow Eights to utilize their leadership skills, assertiveness, and determination in making a significant impact align well with their natural inclinations and desire for autonomy.

Type 9: The Peacemaker

Enneagram Type Nines, The Peacemakers or The Mediators, are characterized by their easygoing, agreeable nature and a deep desire for harmony and unity. They possess a natural ability to see multiple perspectives and are skilled at mediating conflicts to maintain peace within their environment. Nines are adaptable individuals who prioritize creating a sense of calm and avoiding confrontation. With a deep value of connection, they seek to create inclusive spaces where everyone feels heard and understood.

Nines are supportive and empathetic, preferring to maintain stability and preserve relationships rather than assert their needs. However, their desire to avoid conflict might sometimes lead to passive-aggressive behavior or a tendency to suppress their opinions and desires to maintain harmony.

Careers that allow Nines to foster collaboration, harmony, and cooperation are good choices. Roles in mediation, conflict resolution, or counseling make for ideal roles, as Nines excel in facilitating understanding and finding common ground among conflicting parties. Careers in human resources, where they can create an inclusive work environment and mediate between employees, resonate with their desire for harmony and unity. Additionally, positions as a social worker or involvement in community outreach enable Nines to make a positive impact by advocating for and supporting marginalized groups.

Nines might also find fulfillment in roles that prioritize teamwork and consensus-building, such as project management or team leadership, where they can ensure everyone’s voices are heard and valued. Ultimately, careers that allow Nines to create peaceful and harmonious environments while fostering connections and understanding among individuals, align well with their compassionate and empathetic nature.


It’s important to note that while these career suggestions align with the strengths of each Enneagram personality type, individual interests, skills, and life experiences also play a significant role in determining the best career fit. There is no one right career choice for each type within the Enneagram system.

Regardless of Enneagram type, individuals possess unique strengths, skills, and perspectives that can be harnessed to succeed in different career paths. Each type brings a distinctive set of qualities that, when effectively utilized, can lead to success. Enneagram types may excel differently in different professions, but the key lies in recognizing and leveraging their inherent strengths. For instance, Type Ones’ attention to detail and commitment to excellence can make them exceptional in roles requiring precision and high ethical standards, but these qualities are also valuable in a variety of settings demanding meticulousness. Type Sevens’ creativity and adaptability can thrive not only in artistic fields but also in roles that demand innovation and flexibility. Similarly, Type Nines’ ability to foster harmony and cooperation is beneficial in careers centered on team dynamics and conflict resolution.

By understanding your strengths and aligning them with the demands of a particular career, you can navigate diverse professional landscapes and achieve success and job satisfaction, regardless of your Enneagram type. Embracing self-awareness, utilizing strengths, and continuously developing your skills are the pivotal factors that enable you to flourish and excel. 

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