The Biggest Mistake Conscious Leaders Make

You Don’t Need to be Perfect You notice you are not present in a situation.  Do you try hard to regain presence? Focusing and putting in effort to be present in the moment.  When you try hard and put forth effort to stay present it results in not being present. This reflects a lack of […]

You’re Working Harder Than You Have To – the Hero mindset

Are you a fixer? Do you like to solve problems? You may think you are a fixer but you are probably in a hero mindset which doesn’t fix the problems at all. In a hero mindset, you actually perpetuate drama and create the powerlessness in your own life and all around you.

Don’t ‘Should’ on Yourself – Villain Mindset

Criticizing, blaming, and judging all stem from a Villain mindset. When you recognize that you’re in Villain mode, you can start to question the stories you have been telling yourself about what should and shouldn’t be. Through this you can become empowered to resolve issues and conflicts with yourself and others permanently.

Break Free of Negative Patterns and Get Life to Operate for You

Are you claiming your full power? When you are in a victim mindset you are powerless. Often you are the creator of the negative circumstances around you. You have the power and choice to create positive and healthy circumstances. It all starts with you.

How to Overcome Problems at Work

Conscious leadership is about self-awareness. Being aware of which side of the coin you are engaging with and then making informed, accountable decisions. You can choose to live and lead from drama Below the Line, or you can shift Above the Line into empowerment. What if you let go of the idea that you are right and move into the idea that you are the powerful creator of your own experience?