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The One Superpower Every Great Leader has in Common

Image S2E2 The One Super Power Every Great Leader has in Common [Presence]

Learn how to use a variety of simple ways to help you return to mindfulness when you find yourself straying from presence. Throughout this coaching session, you will discover why presence is essential to conscious leadership, then explore the personal and professional benefits of living a mindful life.

Morning Routines – How to Get Into the Optimal Morning Mindset

Image S1E43 Morning Routines How to Get the Optimal Morning Mindset

Claim your role as the creator of your day. Connect your intention with your action. Be proactive. Be creative. By creating a personalized morning routine to develop the optimal morning mindset for yourself, you will gain the benefits of energy, clarity, and inspiration. The only person who can make you a conscious leader is you. And it starts first thing in the morning.