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The Feminist Identity with Mary Bloom of Snap Inc and Anna Bloom of Airbnb Plus

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You used to think that gender was a simple thing. For some of you, you simply were born into one, and for others, you have questioned, identified and discovered for yourself. Whatever your gender is, gender does play a very important role in shaping what your life looks like – this is undeniable. And in this post #metoo era, it is often an uncomfortable topic to discuss. Today we’re going to be focusing on what it’s like to be a leader as a woman. How women can support and empower each other, and some of the traumatic things that women face in the world. I have back on the show today Mary and Anna Bloom (of Snap Inc. and Airbnb Plus, respectively) who are here to share some personal stories and excellent advice for men and women alike around what it’s like to be a powerful woman.