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How to Create Lasting Change in the New Year

Image S1E72 How to Create Lasting Change in the New Year

If you see yourself repeating the same unfulfilling patterns and living a life of constant fire drills that drain you of your creative energy… that is your sign. It’s time for you to embark on your personal growth journey, and to experience the revolutionary freedom that comes with a fresh start and a completely blank page. This coaching session will inspire you to utilize new beginnings as an opportunity to release what no longer serves you. Change is possible, and it can start right now if you want it to.

Who Do You Want to Be in Next Year?

Image S1E55 Who Do You Want to Be in 2021

There’s nothing that you’re not allowed to want. You are allowed to want what you actually want. There’s no, “should”, necessary. There’s no, “I need to”. If you’re heading into a new year’s resolution process or you’re setting goals for your team, your company, or your family, I invite you to build a foundation for making a massive change that’s actually in service of your deepest, most authentic self. I’m here to support you in playing with this idea of, “from above the line, I don’t need anything. There’s nothing I should do. There’s nothing I have to do. However, I can want. I can have strong preferences. I can stand for things. I can be committed.” In this mindset, from above the line – that’s where genuine change happens. There’s nothing more human than creating and there’s nothing more human than creating change. So, this week, I want to invite you into a really different process; a conscious process of allowing ourselves to be a vehicle for change to happen.

New Years Resolution Recharge

Image S1E55 Who Do You Want to Be in 2021

Learn how to instantly predict the likelihood of achieving your goals and how to create a new year’s resolution recharge.