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Season 1, Episode 71

How to Create Lasting Change in the New Year

About this episode:

It’s time to look forward… 

Vision is the key to being the creator of your own reality.

As we turn the page on another year, I invite you to build a foundation for making a massive change that’s in service of your most authentic self.

Imagine that you are at the end of next year. Visualize the outcomes you want to create. 

Dare to envision things you think are totally impossible and awesomely magnificent, imagined exactly as you’d want them to be. There is nothing you’re not allowed to want. Your creativity is a huge element of the vision portion of the Change Formula. Let go of the “shoulds” and “have-tos” and create an intention that makes you feel ALIVE! Dare to find out what unfolds. And dare to help it unfold the way you want it to. 

In this special New Year bonus episode of Allowed, I will walk you through a year-end visioning routine. And while the coming of the New Year is a perfect time to do this exercise, you can create a powerful vision at any time. Wherever you are on your journey, this is a great way to give yourself and your goals a recharge. 

A compelling vision will help you achieve the lasting change you have been wanting.  And the best part? All you need to do for this exercise is answer a few simple questions.  

Start the year with a commitment to yourself to make next year a year where you become even more uniquely and beautifully you. Have a wonderful New Year, I cannot wait to see where you are a year from now. 



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Climbing a mountain and making life changes share a common principle: willingness. Your compelling vision fuels your journey, while discomfort propels you forward. Seek support and take baby steps, one at a time. Sustainable change is possible when you embrace your willingness, face discomfort head-on, and find the support you need. Trust your instincts and commit to the transformation process.

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