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Season 1, Episode 58

What is Integrity?

About this episode:

Today’s episode breaks down one of the main goals of conscious leadership – integrity. As one of the most sought-after corporate values, understanding and embodying integrity is an invaluable leadership skill. This crash course episode explains what integrity is and what acting with integrity looks like. During this episode, you will learn how to shift back into integrity when you’re leading without it. This coaching session also details how your body’s signals can help you feel the difference between having integrity and being out of it. 



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Discover the profound significance of conscious leadership and its primary objective. Explore how conscious leaders strive to create positive impact, foster genuine connections, and inspire collective growth. Uncover the transformative power of conscious leadership in driving organizational success and nurturing a harmonious work environment. Dive into the core principles that guide these leaders in their quest to empower others and cultivate a purpose-driven culture. Embark on a journey to understand why embracing conscious leadership is crucial in shaping a brighter future for individuals, teams, and society as a whole.

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This episode gets personal as Caneel shares her own internal struggles that almost made her decide to throw in the towel on her entire business. Her story sheds light on what most leaders have to deal with at some point in their journeys and she also shares how she overcame being “Below the Line” in the Drama Triangle.

Caneel re-established clear agreements with her family, her team, and most importantly, with herself, so she could come back into integrity and lead from presence by being “Above the Line” in how she operates her business and her life.

Learn how you can shift from broken agreements and Drama to living and leading with Empowerment and a commitment to your Whole Body Yes.