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Season 1, Episode 55

Who Do You Want to Be in Next Year?

About this episode:

There’s nothing that you’re not allowed to want. You are allowed to want what you actually want. There’s no, “should”, necessary. There’s no, “I need to”.  

If you’re heading into a new year’s resolution process or you’re setting goals for your team, your company, or your family, I invite you to build a foundation for making a massive change that’s actually in service of your deepest, most authentic self. I’m here to support you in playing with this idea of, “from above the line, I don’t need anything. There’s nothing I should do. There’s nothing I have to do. However, I can want. I can have strong preferences. I can stand for things. I can be committed.” In this mindset, from above the line – that’s where genuine change happens. 

There’s nothing more human than creating and there’s nothing more human than creating change. So, this week, I want to invite you into a really different process; a conscious process of allowing ourselves to be a vehicle for change to happen.



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Are your New Year’s resolutions and goals feeling distant and out of reach? Don’t worry, you’re not alone. Many of us start the year with enthusiasm, only to find ourselves falling back into old habits. But here’s the thing: you can still make a change. It doesn’t have to be January 1st to start afresh. Discover effective strategies to bridge the gap between where you are now and where you want to be. With a clear vision, embracing discomfort, seeking support, and learning to renegotiate, you can revive your resolutions and achieve the success you desire. It’s time to reclaim your goals and make this year the year of transformation.

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Are you setting new year’s resolutions or company goals, but by this point in the year you’ve often fallen off the wagon? You wanted to make a big change and wanted to improve your life, but are spiraling with indecision? In this episode, you learn how to instantly predict the likelihood of achieving your goals and I’ll teach you about how I do my new year’s resolution recharge. 

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